Using a Printable Multiplication Chart in the Classroom

If you're anything like us, you've probably found yourself typing "printable multiplication chart" into the search bar once or twice each year. Well, your search ends here! We're here to help with a FREE, printable Multiplication Chart that's ready for immediate use in your classroom today.

The Great Debate: Should You Allow Your Students to Use a Printable Multiplication Chart in Class?

Deciding whether or not to allow your students to use a printable multiplication chart has always been a heated topic. Here's why we have ALWAYS used a multiplication chart in our classrooms:

  • We currently teach 4th grade. Our standard is not teaching multiplication facts... it's USING multiplication facts.
  • Multiplication Charts reduce anxiety and stress in students allowing them to focus on the content we are teaching.
  • Multiplication Charts provide exposure. They are constantly seeing multiplication patterns throughout their day.
  • Given the limited time in our school day, permitting students to look up facts and swiftly move on is a strategic approach that enables us to efficiently cover the necessary content.

When is it NOT Okay to Use a Multiplication Chart?

The only time that we have not allowed students to use their multiplication chart is when... 

When is it Okay to Use a Multiplication Chart?

Our students are always allowed to use a multiplication chart when we are learning or testing on other concepts such as:

Have We Convinced You??????

The Rigorous Owl a FREEBIE JUST FOR YOU!

We made a printable multiplication chart in 3 different sizes for you to use in your classroom. And we didn't stop there... there's also a Printable Division Chart in 3 different sizes for you to use too!

Want Other Multiplication Fact Fluency Goodies? Here's Our TOP PICKS for YOU!

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