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Top 15 Teacher Favorites on Amazon

Top 15 Teacher Favorites on Amazon

Calling All Teachers!!!!

We’ve got your Teacher Favorites on Amazon Wish List ready for YOU! Teachers are busy! We don’t have time to go to a million different stores looking for each of our Favorite Classroom Supplies! We are smarter than that! Get it shipped in 2 days with 1 click! Check out our TOP 15 list below!

InkJoy Gel Pens

Recently, we bought a wide variety assortment of pens. InkJoy is BY FAR our top pen choice! We grab our InkJoys before any other pen out there!

Dry Erase Pockets

We cannot count how many times we have used our dry erase pockets or how many copies they have saved us! We use dry erase pockets for centers NONSTOP! One example of how we use dry erase pockets is with our Punctuating Dialogue Practice. Dry Erase Pockets add INSTANT student engagement! They are way more fun than a boring old worksheet!

Dry Erase Pockets on Amazon


Okay, how many times have you needed to just laminate one small paper? It’s not worth turning on that huge laminator in the workroom… not to mention the line, hassle, or if the laminator is even working! We use our personal laminator all the time! Keep laminating pouches on hand and you’re ready to go! Quick, easy and DONE! Now, if the cutting was only that easy too!

Laminator and laminating pouches on Amazon

Tabletop Easel Pad

Small group instruction heaven! These tabletop easel pads are PERFECT! One side has a dry erase board to use again and again and the other side holds chart paper! Anchor charts made easy and small group instruction made engaging!

Tabletop Easel Pads from Amazon

Post-It Notes

Speaking of Post-Its, you can NEVER have too many! We use boxes of Post-Its each year! Meeting reminders, parent notes, exit tickets… you name it! Oh, the possibilities!

Post-Its on Amazon

Pencil Sharpener

Pencil Sharpeners. Just the thought of pencil sharpeners leave teachers pulling out their hair! The noise… usually in the middle of a lesson! We have tried many, but once we tried the Bostitch Quiet Sharp, we were hooked! We have 2… each! Great quality and quiet. You can’t beat that!

Ticonderoga Pencils

…and while we’re on the topic of pencils, you can NEVER have too many Ticonderoga pencils! Ticonderoga pencils are the best out there, and they come sharpened! If this makes us a pencil snob, we are totally okay with that!

Ticonderoga Pencils on Amazon

Expo Dry Erase Markers

We all know that Expo Dry Erase Markers are the best! We love all of the colors that they come in! Expo dry erase markers are the perfect way to dress up your whiteboard. Give us all the color!

Desktop Hole Punch

I bought this Desktop Hole Punch my first year of teaching and it’s still going strong! We love that it’s super easy to use and the quality is amazing! We love finding any way to help our students organize their papers!

Desktop Hole Punch on Amazon


Astrobrights… every teacher’s favorite way to spruce up ANYTHING! We love using Astrobrights for our Standards Based Brochures, Flexible Seating Brochures, Back to School Meet the Teacher Brochure, and Parent Teacher Conferences Brochures! Did we mention we like using Astrobrights for our brochures?????

Astrobrights on Amazon

Single Cup Coffee Maker

NO COFFEE, NO TEACHY! Ever have those days where you NEED a cup of coffee? We keep our single cup coffee maker in our cupboard and bring it out for emergencies (okay, that’s a little dramatic… more like daily). A single cup coffee maker is the perfect way to turn your day into an AMAZING day!

Single Serving Coffee Maker on Amazon

Mr. Sketch Markers

Anchor chart HEAVEN! Is there any other marker that you use on Anchor Charts besides Mr. Sketch? We honestly couldn’t tell you. Mr. Sketch is our GO-TO! The color and smell are our favorite!

Mr. Sketch Markers on Amazon

Drawer Organizing Carts

These beautiful drawer organizing carts are the perfect way to organize your week! Check out how we label them with our Editable Labels! We love how they come in so many different colors! Perfect for any classroom theme!

Drawer Organizing Carts

Flair Pens

Teachers have FLAIR! Who doesn’t love Flair Pens? These are our favorite way to make grading papers bearable! It’s the little things, like Flair Pens, that get us through that never-ending pile!

Flair Pens on Amazon

3 Tier Rolling Carts

Moving around the room a lot? Need supplies at small group instruction tables? The 3 tier rolling cart has been a life-saver in our classrooms! These carts are the perfect way to add organization to any classroom (and they’re super cute)!

3 Tier Rolling Cart on Amazon

Classroom Delivery!

NEED some TEACHER FAVORITES, but you don’t have Amazon Prime? Sign up for a FREE 30 Day Trial HERE!

We want to hear from YOU! Out of our list, what are your top 2 teacher favorites? Have something that we need to add to this list? Tell us below!



  • Ink joy gel pens are awesome!! Astro Brights paper is never out of style. Thanks for sharing these items!

  • The table top chart is a total game changer for me! Plus I had been using regular markers on my anchor charts but I tried the Scented markers this year and they made everything so much easier!!

    • I adore my โ€œScotchโ€ laminator I bought from Amazon. I have recently discovered a love for โ€Astrobrightsโ€paper for all of my classroom copying needs!

  • My first top fav is Mr. Sketch markers. They write great and smell yummy! My second pick….hmmm . .its hard to choose but I think the astro bright paper. I use it all the time to make games and task cards. One thing on your list that I don’t have but would love to have is a couple of rolling carts. Thanks for the great post!

    One thing on your list

  • I love your Amazon store! I just followed you. You have some awesome items – thanks!! My faves in your top 15 are the laminator and the Astrobrites paper. I don’t have a color printer, so using this paper to print (and then laminate) will probably be the next best thing. Yay!!

    One of my favorite wishlist items from Amazon is this set of colorful photo organizers…I bet they would work perfectly for sets of task cards. Here’s the link in case you want to add them to your list, too:
    Novelinks Photo Case 4″ x 6″ Photo Box Storage – 16 Inner Photo Keeper Photo Organizer Cases Photos Storage Containers Box for Photos (Multi-Colored)

    Thanks, again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Good list over all. I do use a variety of these pens.

    I also like to find building set for STEM work as well as other creative STEM tools.

  • Love your favorite picks. I think you need to flair markers/pens and white cardstock.

  • Iโ€™d love the table top easel, markers, flair pens!!! I pretty much love it all!

  • You have an amazing list going! I love my Flair pens (and in need of a fresh set as my others are starting to dry out) and that small coffee maker looks like something I need to purchase!

  • My top 2 favorite off of the list would have to be the flair pens and the scented markers ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My top 2 favorites are dry erase markers and Astrobright paper, they make everything fun!!

  • Expo markers for sure and I bought a laminator this year which was a definite game changer!

  • I love post it notes, I have them all over my classroom. I havenโ€™t seen the dry erase pockets before what a great idea.

  • I love flair pens and I use dry erase pockets allll the time! Iโ€™ve also been using post it notes and the small post it flags logs too this year!


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