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Top 15 Classroom Management Finds on Amazon!

Every teacher dreams of having a classroom full of well behaved students and a classroom that seems to move through the day with ease. While we do not have a magic wand that can make this happen, we do have some amazing classroom management finds on Amazon that can help! We have been teaching a long time and we know that there are no two years that look the same as far as classroom management. Sometimes you need to dig through your toolbox and find something different for “that class” or “that student.” Here are some ideas to help you manage your day and student behaviors! Take a look at what we found!

Punch Cards and Sticker Charts

Ever have a student that needs a little more motivation to stay on track? For upper grades, we have used these punch cards and for lower grades, we have used sticker charts! There have been years where we have used them whole class and there have also been years where we used them with a small group of students or even individually!

Teacher Binders

Is it just us… or are piles a teacher’s worst nightmare? For years, we had piles all over our rooms and although we (sometimes) knew where our papers were, it took forever digging through them to find what we needed! Now, we use binders! A binder for staff meetings, a binder for student data, a binder for all the things!

Student Data Dividers

While we are on the topic of binders, check out what we found a few years ago! These student data dividers have been a game-changer! All of our data for each student at the flip of a tab. Now, that is what we are talking about!

Baseball Card Sleeves

Have we mentioned we like binders? Baseball card sleeves are the perfect way to organize reward coupons! We even made some reward coupons that are the prefect size to fit these sleeves! We like the idea that students can flip through the binder and “shop” for what they are looking for!

Key Holder Board

“Teacher! I forgot my username and password!” Sound familiar? A few years ago, we came across this beautiful key ring board and a thought popped into our minds! Username and password keeper! Write them down at the beginning of the year, and students can just grab their key ring if they need a little reminder!

Tabletop Frames

Tabletop frames have got to be our favorite way to display information around the classroom. We love using them for centers, for parent nights or for turning in papers or keeping track of assignments. We even created an assignment tracker just for these frames that has seriously been a lifesaver!

Behavior Clip Charts

We all love a good behavior clip chart, but sometimes we just don’t want to make them ourselves! There are tons of them to choose from on Amazon under $10! They’re super cute too!

Wireless Doorbell

Whether it be transitions, reminders or a timer, a wireless doorbell is an easy way to let students know something is happening without using our voice. Push a button and watch the magic happen!

Badge Holder Lanyards

Badge holders on a lanyard are great for a variety of activities. Classroom jobs, rewards, groups, center roles, or name tags on field trips! Having these in your toolkit is something you can always use!

Pocket Charts

Pocket charts are a teacher’s best friend. Amazon has a ton of different sizes to choose from and a ton of different colors too! Display content, schedules or behaviors! Pocket charts will always be a useful tool for classroom management!

Trophies for Desks

Having trophies on hand is one reward system that doesn’t cost teachers a lot of money. Whether it be a tidy desk, outstanding effort, superb behavior or excellent group work, every student loves to stand out from the others. Just walking around and placing these on student desks makes the whole classroom want one!

Cash Drawer

Do you use a classroom economy system? A cash drawer is a MUST! In our classrooms, we have a banker that is in charge of student money. The cash drawer makes them feel official and it is a great way to keep the denominations organized! Want to learn more about what we do with our classroom money? Check out this blog post!

Treasure Box Treasures

Teachers are constantly looking to fill their treasure boxes! Did you know there are ready to use treasures available on Amazon? Ask parents for Amazon gift cards to fill those treasure boxes! There are a lot of super cute treasure boxes there too!

Stopwatch Timers

Looking to improve transition times? Need a timer for Field Day? Stopwatch timers are the perfect way to keep track! We use these all year long and our students love using them too!

Colorful Popsicle Sticks

We all know that Popsicle sticks are a great tool to use to call on students at random, but sometimes we don’t always want them to be TOO random. We love using colorful Popsicle sticks to group students appropriately. Place English learners on one color, GATE students on another color, lower students on another color. Use the sticks randomly, or have a method to your madness that students don’t have to be aware of!

Hopefully, you have seen something on this list that will improve your classroom management! Behaviors and functioning throughout the day can always be a struggle and we hope we have made it a little easier for you!


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