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Top 15 Amazon Finds to Make Your Classroom POP!

Amazon Finds for Your Classroom

All teachers want to create a fun and engaging classroom for their students. We want to create an environment that students want to enter and never leave. When we go on the hunt for our classrooms, of course Amazon is our first destination! We are too busy for anything else! Check out our top 15 Amazon finds that are sure to make your classroom POP!

Amazon Finds for the Classroom
Rope Lighting for the Classroom

Rope Lights

We have both had rope lights in our classrooms forever. Rope lights are the easiest way to transform your classroom. We love to put them around our whiteboards to make them a focal point. The best part is that the colors change so they can always enhance the theme we have going on in our rooms!

Wireless Answer Buzzers

You might have a wireless doorbell, but have you seen these beauties? These are perfect for small group instruction! Each buzzer has its own sound so you know EXACTLY who was first!

Sidewalk Chalkboard

Sidewalk chalkboards are the perfect way to capture students’ attention from the beginning! Grab their attention and bring them in to something amazing! Sidewalk chalkboards can be used from Parent-Teacher Conferences to classroom transformations!

Prize Wheel

All students want to do is SPIN!!!!! We LOVE our prize wheel! The best part is that they are dry erase, so you can change the purpose each time. Put review questions, math facts, or prize coupons on each space and watch students beg to SPIN!

Classroom Stage

Stages are perfect for getting students to want to share with the class. They love getting up there to present! Stages can be a chore to build, but did you know you can find one on Amazon? Yes, please!

Oil Diffuser

Touch all of the senses and make your classroom POP with (pleasant) smells! ๐Ÿ™‚ We love using eucalyptus and mint to wake those students up! This is such an easy way to make an engaging classroom environment.


We love that lightboxes can be used for any occasion. Spread some holiday cheer, some positive messages, or words that match your theme! Each time you update, it commands attention!

Bingo Game Set

Everybody loves Bingo! Bingo is an AMAZING classroom management tool. Need students to improve attendance? Roll a Bingo ball when the bell rings! Need your students to improve homework completion? Roll a Bingo ball for the students who completed their work on time! Staff compliments, turning in forms, or anything else your teacher heart desires can be solved with Bingo!

Colorful Pillows

Bright pops of color are sure to make your classroom POP! We love getting covers for our pillows to change throughout the year. Inexpensive and easy? Yes, please! Perfect for spreading positive vibes too!

Portable Speaker

We cannot tell you how much we have used our portable speaker! We bring it out to playground duty, rallies, Field Day, performances and House Meetings. Yes, this is on the more pricey side, but we went in on it as a grade level. The students love it!

Welcome Mats for the Classroom

Classroom Welcome Mat

There’s not place like… your classroom! Having a welcome mat is such an easy and inexpensive way to show that you you love your classroom. Welcome mats are another way to spread positive messages!

Disco Ball Party Lights

Did a student just get a correct answer? Disco light time! Did your class do something amazing? Disco light time! Disco party lights are such an easy way to add excitement to any classroom!

Letter Boards

We love letter boards because they work for any occasion! We love this one because it doubles as a whiteboard. Letter boards are perfect for conferences, holidays, classroom transformations, and just some positive vibes!


CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW????? We love having our megaphones handy for Field Day, boot camp, recess duty or any other time we might be screaming at the top of our lungs. This is another one to get your whole grade level to go in on together!

Karaoke Microphones

Karaoke microphones are perfect to use as a reward! One reward that we do is to have students stay in and eat lunch with the teacher. If they want, they can grab the karaoke microphone to have fun with their friends!

15 Amazon Finds for Your Classroom

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Add some POP to your classroom in just 2 days!

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  • I love these ideas! I would like the buzzers. The rope light, pillows, and signs are all super cute too! I love ideas that make the room more comfortable and inviting.

  • I plan to get a door bell for my classroom. We have to keep our classroom door locked when students are in it. So the door bell will come in handy.

  • I plan to use the rope lights in my classroom next year!! Great idea!!

  • What a great llist – I love the buzzers, and stage! The stage will be helpful to reach a smartboard too!

  • I really like the idea of light ropes. I’m looking into that idea!

  • The rope lights look awesome! Would be great for my Camp Day!

  • I love all your favorites!
    I would really enjoy adding the Welcome Mat. What a warm and inviting first greeting to any classroom.

  • I need to add a megaphone to my classroom for those times at recess!

  • I really love the Lightbox and I really want to add a sidewalk chalkboard.

  • My favorites are the rug and the diffuser!! Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I will definitely be looking for the pillows, spin wheel and the welcome mat.

  • Your information was so helpful! I love the idea of using a microphone and letting the kids use it too. Thank you!!!!

  • I am loving the idea of a mega phone, especially if we’re talking through masks…the light strips are awesome, and the karaoke microphone would be fun as well!

  • I was going to use my fairy lights as help for sound level – red stop talking, yellow low voices, green regular talk

  • These ideas to make your classroom pop are all great! The one I hadnโ€™t thought of was using the rope lights around the whiteboard to make my lessons โ€˜popโ€™! Thanks for these great ideas and all the others throughout the year!

  • I plan on getting the oil diffuser and the dry erase prize wheel. The wheel will certainly add a lot of fun and the oil diffuser is going to be perfect to add a calming influence on the children.

  • I absolutely love the rope lights. I have them in my house and I know they’d be a huge hit in my room too.

  • The answer buzzer would be just fantastic to have for review games and to use to get students’ attention. My favorite though, is the dry erase prize wheel. I’d love to bring in Wheel of Fortune as a review game!

  • I added the stage to my Amazon teacher wishlist. I’m moving to first next year, and I can only imagine how adorable they would look on that stage!!

  • I really like the stage. It would be great to use when my scholars are making presentations.

  • I just added a bunch to my Amazon wishlist! Love the lights, doormat, and prize wheel! So much fun! Thank you for the ideas and this giveaway!! Yay!

  • I would like to add lights, door mat, prize wheel, and speaker to the room. I have a stage and it is the best thing ever!

  • I would like to add lights, door mat, prize wheel, and speaker to the room.

  • I love the idea of using the wireless doorbells as buzzers for games! That is so fabulous and fun!! Way to go, Ladies!!!


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