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Teaching Suffixes

Welcome to our “Filling Your Teacher Toolbox Series!”
Here are some tools for teaching SUFFIXES!
This creative and colorful anchor chart helped to kick off our theme…
We are Suffix Rock Stars!
This time, we had students create a mini-version of it in their Reader’s Notebooks for future reference.
We started the unit by having students choose a suffix and writing the suffix in big bubble letters. Inside, they wrote in words that had the suffix they chose.
Students also started by creating flashcards for
each of the 20 suffixes we taught.
On the front, they wrote the suffix and on the back, the meaning.
Throughout the unit, students were able to study
at home with these flashcards.
We also implemented the strategy of “Quiz Quiz Trade.”
Another way for students to practice identifying the meaning of suffixes was through a matching game.
Students always love a game!
We had students do what we call, “JOTs.” JOTs are a quick creative writing prompt activity that students complete in their Reader’s Notebooks. JOTs are a way to make sure that students are understanding the concept you are teaching. They also create a fun visual! In this JOT, students practiced breaking apart a word and looking at each word part toย discover the word’s meaning.
Our theme of being Suffix Rock Stars came from our new Task Cards! Students participated in a classroom game of Scoot! They were able to practice with two sets of task cards. One set tested students’ understanding of suffix meanings and the other set tested students’ ability to use the suffix correctly.
Students then filled out a graphic organizer with the
suffixes that they were still struggling with.
Because we love to throw a party, we had students pose with these props! They also enjoyed this yummy treat. The treat was a scoop of ice cream with a Pop Rock surprise!
Below, we are doing a GIVEAWAY of our
Rockin’ Prefix and Suffix Task Cards!
Be sure to enter!!!!!!!!!
We look forward to sharing another tool with you next week… Proverbs and Adages!!!! Stay tuned!!
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  • Are your Reader’s Notebook and Interactive notebooks the same thing or do you have students keep 2 separated notebooks? If so, what do you designate going into each?

    Thank you for your amazing posts that share so many great ideas!


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