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Technology Finds for the Classroom on Amazon!

Technology Finds for the Classroom

Teachers are constantly on the hunt to find ways to make their classroom a better place to learn! Distance Learning forced us all to become tech savvy overnight! Check out some of the amazing Technology Finds for the Classroom on Amazon that we could simply not live without!

Document Cameras

Document Cameras are the number one technology tool that we use in our classrooms! Students need to be able to see what they are learning. We have one for our classrooms and our homes! We love how we can just share our screen and our students can see exactly what we are talking about!

Headset with Mic

When we are recording or teaching virtually, a headset with mic is the only way to go. I found myself saying, “Can you repeat that again?” or having to record my lessons again because the volume was terrible. I grabbed a headset with mic my first week into Distance Learning and I am soooo glad I did!

Blue Light Blockers

If you are anything like me, migraines can ruin your day! Staring at a computer screen can take a toll on our eyes. I purchased a screen and glasses to use and I (knock on wood) haven’t had a migraine yet! The glasses were recommended by my doctor and they have definitely been a game-changer!

Monitor Risers

Let’s just say that the angle that all of our monitors are at are a little, ummmm… unflattering!!!! When we found out we would be streaming our lessons and recording our lessons, we knew we needed a quick fix! Monitor risers were our answer!

Tripod Light Rings

While we are on the subject of unflattering… can we say, “Give me all the help I can get?” Our solution: LIGHTS, camera, teach! Other than the light being more flattering, it also allows students to see what we are doing! My students couldn’t even see the books we were reading aloud to them. These light rings have been one of our favorite purchases. We love how there are 3 different light settings to choose from!


Every year, for the past 3 years, we have bought a class set of earbuds for our students. Earbuds are a very inexpensive solution to all of those distracting noises. Background noises can keep students from being able to focus on their work!

Writing Tablets

Ever feel like Post-Its take over your workspace? I grabbed one of my kid’s writing tablets to put next to me at my desk. As I am teaching I take quick notes and then delete when I’m done. I can’t imagine how much paper I will save this way!

Laptop Backpacks

Going back and forth between school and home might as well be cute! We love these laptop bags! There are so many choices to choose from!

Voice Amplifiers

Ever feel like you lost your voice at the end of the day? Of course you have! We’re teachers! A voice amplifier might just be our favorite Technology Finds for the Classroom. Our voices are saved, the sound quality is amazing and the students can hear us! We love using these during direct instruction. Our students know that we we have our voice amplifier on, they better listen up!

Cute Office Decor

Okay, we could probably live without all of this, but WHHHHHYYYYYY??? If I’m going to be spending a ton of time in front of my computer screen, I better like the things around me, right? The possibilities are endless!

Looking for some Digital Resources to use with all of this technology?

We’ve got you covered there too!

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  • I love the earbuds! These are perfect so students won’t have to share. I plan to purchase these!

  • So much that I need – so little funding to help each of my students. Any little bit can help

  • I love all these amazing suggestions. The laptop risers are perfect for all my online lessons. It has been difficult finding the right height for viewing and being seen by my webcam. Thank you!

  • Definitely lovin’ this list you’ve put together – earbuds were already on my wishlist but I hadn’t thought yet about a laptop riser! Those will help when I need to teach from a standing position rather than precariously balancing my chromebook on a chair on a table, lol!

  • I plan on getting the computer riser to help make distance learning easier.

  • I definitely will be adding the personal fan to my cart! Since I will be a traveling teacher going to classrooms this year, I think I am going to need this. I need a good traveling cart for my laptop. I teach K-6 technology and I will need to make sure I have everything as I travel from class to class. I am thinking a cart is the best way to carry my laptop and supplies I will need for each class. As far as needs go, every student will need their own headphones or earbuds for this year.

  • Such a great list. Definitely adding the dice cam to my cart. Have a great year!!

  • Such a great list. Definitely adding the doc cam to my cart. Have a great year!!

  • Monica
    Thank you for your Technology Find Amazon List-just finished purchasing a document camera for my home, a headset with a noise cancelling mic, and a riser for my laptop. Now if I can encourage my students to purchase some headsets. Can’t wait to use my Tech Gear. You gals “ROCK.” —Over and out!

  • I love the idea of a voice amplifier. Since we have to wear masks all the time, I think it will be especially helpful.

  • Thanks for the great list! I am definitely going to invest in the headset with mic!

  • I use the document camera at school so much I will need one for home too!

  • Headset with mic OR the writing/drawing tablet would be SO COOL! Thanks for the amaing suggestions!

  • Monitor Riser! My neck and back have been killing me with all the hunching over.

  • I love the idea of the writing tablets. These would be great to use in place of whiteboards.

  • I have been looking for ring light suggestions…am checking them out!! Thank you!!

  • I need a mouse!!! Mine is locked in my classroom while I’m teaching from home. Trackpads are so annoying!!!

  • I need to get a monitor riser. In the spring I put my laptop on a box for recording and Zooms…not pretty.

  • The document camera you posted looks better than the one I ordered from Amazon. I also like the headset better. My headset hurts one of my ears so only having one earpiece would be great.

  • Ooh!!!!! The writing tablet looks awesome! However, I’d be grateful for anything to help with my kiddos. Thanks!

  • I was literally stressing last night trying to figure out how I’m going to raise the Chromebooks that they are expecting us to use for synchronous teaching…this would be perfect!

  • Yes….a laptop riser!!! It’s sad that this is one item you feel you can do without until it’s too late and the neck pain/headaches appear! I’m putting this on my list! Thanks for your awesome post! 🙂

  • This is an amazing list. Earphones are a definite must. I have a cheap pair, so I would either get a nicer set or the voice amplifier.


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