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Teaching Tone!

Welcome back to our series for another tool!! Today’s tool is Teaching Tone! Be sure to download your FREEBIE below AND enter our RAFFLE for a FREE Tone Craftivity!!
 We always start a concept out with a colorful anchor chart
that will BURN an image in our students’ minds and IGNITE their interest in the
 We love a theme, so our theme for Tone was fire! We always
feature a career, since we want our students to be college and career ready!
Firemen are always a hit with the kids.
 Next, we had students complete a craftivity (that is
available in our store or in the giveaway below). Students read 4 short
passages, chose the tone from 8 choices, and matched them up. They highlighted
the words that showed the tone of the passage. With the other 4 tone choices
that were not used, they worked backwards. Students created their own, original
passages that showed the tone. Students then switched with partners to complete
the rest of the craftivity. They loved this part!

Here is a fun Reader’s Notebook idea that I absolutely love.
The hardest part for students is to realize that the tone of a passage is based
off of the author’s word choice. I always put up “What words or phrases do you
see in the text?” Students then need to collect the author’s words!!! They need
to forget about the passage’s meaning and just focus in on the words! They
always want to tell me, “The tone is funny because I laughed,” or they will
give an event. NOOOOO! THIS IS THE MOOD!!!!! Students need the opportunity to
pull out the words from the text! This Reader’s Notebook activity helps them
see the words isolated from the passage to see what the true tone is.

 Check out this FREEBIE! Students are able to practice
exactly what I just mentioned above!
 We always love to have students practice with picture books!
This is a great activity for early finishers! They love picture books! With
this book, students pulled out the tone of “Urgency” with text evidence including:
“turned on the siren,” “rushed,” “roars down Main Street,” “siren going full
blast,” and so on.
 Students also enjoyed some yummy “fire bark” to complete our
theme. The fire bark is simply melted chocolate, and anything you want to throw
in! Simple!
Need more resources for teaching Tone? Buy the Craftivity or
better yet, the Bundle in our store! The Bundle has: Lesson Notes, Poster, A
list of 128 Common Tones, Craftivity, Sentence Frames, Reader’s Notebook Ideas,
Foldable, and Exit Tickets!

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