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Teaching Plot

Welcome back to our “Filling Your Teacher Tool Box” Series.
Today we are going to talk about PLOT!
We have a new and exciting way to teach plot.
You and your students are going to love it!
We’ve all heard of a plot mountain, or a plot roller coaster.. here’s another way for students to remember the parts of a plot!
Are you ready????!!!!
PLOT…It’s the PULSE of a Book!
We got this idea because we try to have everything that we do related to a career whenever it is possible. In this unit, we went with the theme of DOCTORS!
We started off with this fun Anchor Chart to help students remember the parts of a plot:
Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action and Resolution.
To reach those kinesthetic learners, we had all of the students stand up.
They put their hands over their heart and they patted the beat of each part.
A slow beat was done for both the
E         x         p         o         s         i         t         i          o         n
R         e         s          o         l         u         t         i          o         n
A medium beat was used for
R   i   s   i   n   g    A   c   t   i   o   n
F   a   l   l   i   n   g    A   c   t   i   o   n
A fast beat was used for the
We started by going in order, and then I would mix up the parts and they would show me the beat that matched the part I called out. THEY LOVE THIS!!! This is a great way for students to remember some difficult vocabulary!
Students took notes in their Reader’s Notebook, which listed the definition for each part.
We also went over the last class book that we read and identified each part.
Next, we did our  “APP”lication activity, which is directly connected with our Anchor Cart!
If you enter the raffle below, you have the chance to win this “APP”lication for FREE!
Photo Booth Props: Book the students are reading, stethoscope, doctor coat, headpiece
If you’ve read our posts before, you know we love a good theme!
Our entire Language Arts block was a PLOT PARTY!
Students dressed up like a doctor, made a fun craft, enjoyed a fun snack, and took a fun picture ALL WHILE LEARNING ABOUT PLOT!
Photo Booth Props: current book the students are reading, stethoscope, doctor coat, and headpiece. For the headpiece, use a strip of white construction paper and staple it to the size of their head, cut a large black construction paper circle and a smaller yellow construction paper circle. Then, glue black circle to white headband and the yellow circle to the black circle to create a light!
Snack: Red Jello cups with whipped cream and a chocolate heart! Quick and easy!
When we tested Plot, we decided to have the students dress up in their lab coats!
Dressing up increased their excitement, which motivated them to do better on their test as DOCTORS!GET OUR FUN “APP”LICATION FOR FREE BY ENTERING THE RAFFLE BELOW!!!!!!
PLOT… It’s the PULSE of the BOOK!

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