Santa is Hiring! A Christmas Classroom Event

Merry Christmas! The holidays are one of the most memorable and busiest time in any classroom. There is a lot of pressure to do “all the things!” As teachers, we want our students to have fun with the holiday, but we also  know that they need to be learning. This is the reason why we decided to create our “Santa is Hiring Classroom Event!

The Idea Behind the Event

Santa is ready for a change! Over the years, the elves at the North Pole have gotten a little lazy and aren’t producing as many presents as they used to produce. Santa needs a new team, so he has opened up some very important positions at Santa’s Headquarters Inc. Will the students get the position? It’s up to them! Their objective is to answer as many questions as they can in the amount of time given. The team that answers the most questions gets to pick their job title from Santa’s Classifieds first at Santa’s Headquarters Inc.

Getting Ready for the Event

We love setting the stage for our students! We want them to walk into the classroom and be engaged from the beginning! Since students need to take the task cards at random, we love the idea of putting them in small gift bags with festive tissue paper! After printing, laminating and running copies, your job is done!

Before the Event

Students get broken up into teams. We like teams of 4. We always have them come up with a festive team name, such as The Snowflakes or The Holly Jolly Jingle Bells. Students choose job titles to help the event run smoothly. There is a runner, a recorder, a decorator and a holiday spirit expert! We always sit down as a class and go over the directions page together. Students also read over Santa’s Classifieds and choose the job title they will be working for! 

Head Elves

Here is where the magic happens! For a class of 32, we use 2-3 Head Elves. The Head Elves are in charge of checking teams’ answers so that you can pop around and enjoy the event! We have been the Head Elf in the past, but we suggest getting a parent volunteer. You want at least two Head Elves so that a line doesn’t form. Before the festivities begin, Head Elves go over directions, sign a contract and are given a script. The script is our favorite! It gives them ideas of what to say for correct and incorrect answers, such as “Only coal for you!” or “You must be on the nice list!” We also love the idea of giving the Head Elves a bell so that every time a team gets a question correct, they ring the bell. A simple way to add to the fun!

Ready, Set, Go!

Set a timer. We usually stick to 45 min. This gives them enough time to complete the majority of the task cards, but not all of them.  Runners race off to grab task cards, bring them back to their team to solve, take to the Head Elves, and then repeat! Teams have 2 chances to get a task card correct. If a team gets stuck on a task card, they have two tokens that they can use. There’s a “Peek at the Cheat Sheet” token and “Ditch a Present” token!

The Task Cards

Here’s the part that we love! The task cards are content driven! There are 8 math, 8 language, 8 vocabulary and 8 Christmas trivia task cards. All of the task cards are Christmas themed for more engagement and fun! Mission accomplished: Students are having fun while still learning!

Ending the Event

Be sure to watch the clock. Give a five minute warning and have a timer go off to end the event. Have teams count up how many task cards they got correct. Have the recorder share out for each team. Start with 1st place and have them choose their job title. That job title is now off limits. Move to the rest of the teams in order. At the very end, give each student a contract with Santa’s Headquarters Inc. The Head Elves also get a contract for rehire. We love that they get something to remember all of the fun!

Looking to add some holiday fun to your classroom?

We are going to give away our Santa is Hiring Classroom Event!

Enter below!

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