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Teaching Proverbs and Adages

Welcome to our “Filling your Teacher Toolkit” series!
Today, we are adding teaching Proverbs and Adages to your toolkit!
Students come into our classes not having any idea what these are!
Sometimes, students will say, “Oh ya, my grandma says that to me!” This is what gave us our theme!!! So grab your dentures and get ready to bite into something sweet!
We teach our students that Proverbs and Adages are words of WISDOM believed to be true passed on through generations.
(We know that there is a difference between the two, but for the sake of 4th graders, we have decided to teach them as synonyms)
Here is our anchor chart!
In our class, we use “JOTs” to practice the concept we are learning about.
Students create their JOTs in their Reader’s Notebooks.
Students chose a proverb/adage from our list of 50, and applied them to a situation.
They then created a picture of a little kid getting advice from their grandparent.
Here are some student samples!
Students then placed our 50 proverbs and adages around the classroom. They placed them in places that reminded them of the proverb/ adage. For example, students placed “time flies when you’re having fun” by the clock and “when one door shuts, another one opens” above the door. This activity serves as a visual for students to constantly see throughout the year that spirals back to our lesson of proverbs and adages!
Another idea for Proverbs and Adages is to dress like a grandparent! It just so happens that we are in charge of student council, so we had the luxury of planning our spirit day… Dress like a 100 Year Old for the 100th day of school! It just so happens to have worked out perfectly with our proverbs and adages unit… imagine that!! I guess there are some perks to being Student Council leaders!
Since the kids were all dressed up, we decided to use the Aging Booth App to turn our students into 100 Year Olds! Then we had them do this fun writing prompt! Students picked their favorite proverb/ adage and wrote to the youngsters about it.

To make it even more fun, we served denture treats! Simply apples, peanut butter and marshmallows! The kids loved it and we did too since it was so simple!
Students also completed a classroom game of SCOOT with our GRANDPARENT THEMED TASK CARD ACTIVITY BUNDLE! Enter our giveaway below for a chance to win them for free!!!!!
Here’s What’s Included:

•A Colorful List of 50 Common Proverbs & Adages… Perfect for a Bulletin Board! 
•2 Sets of 25 Task Cards with Activities/ Extensions! 
Part 1: 
•25 Task Cards that gives a proverb/ adage and has the student identify its meaning 
•Fun Recording Answer Page: Students get to see which granny baked the most cakes! 
•Antonym Extension Activity: Students will find that within the multiple choices, there is also the opposite meaning of the proverb/ adage… A recording page to complete! 
Part 2: 
•25 Task Cards that gives a scenario and students have to identify which proverb/ adage would be appropriate 
•Fun Recording Answers Page: Students get to see which grandpa showed the most love! 
•Blank Task Cards: Students will create their own scenarios for a proverb/ adage… either one covered on the list of 50, or one from further research! Students can switch and complete! 
•Further Study Page: Students collect 5 proverbs/ adages that they need to investigate further and complete an activity



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