Status of the Class


Status of the Class is a quick and easy way to hold students accountable for their reading and to track whether they are on target to reach their goal without making it a chore.

Status of the Class will take your class to a whole new level. Students will get excited about reading and they will want to share their reading with you and their peers.


This will create a Reading Community within your classroom.

Students who weren’t motivated, suddenly are! Students who read just to get it done, are now reading because they love it and they are motivated to reach their reading goal!

Status of the Class holds students accountable for their reading in a fun way, It does not make them dread reading. There are no quizzes, no reading logs…but an opportunity for students to share with their peers, with the teacher, or even better with the whole class.

You can do Status of the Class in 5 easy steps!

Here is what is included:

Status Planning Form- You can choose from a variety of forms to meet your needs

Total Number of Books Read Forms: 2 options that will help you and your students keep track of the total number of books they have read

Class Reading Goal Posters- You can choose to track the class total of books, a class total of pages read or both:) This comes in a month or whole year version.

Parent Communication- This includes a letter with tips for the parents to help their child read and smaller slips to let parents know if their child is on target to reach their reading goal

Status of the Class Cover-This can be used for a clipboard or in a binder to keep your forms organized

This Resource is for you if:

You want a streamlined, quick, and effective way to monitor your students’ reading

You have your students set reading goals

You want your students to reach their reading goal

You want your students to be excited about reading

You want your students to share their reading

You want to create a Reading Community within your class

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