St Patrick’s Day Classroom Event The Lucky Leprechaun League is Hiring!



This St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Event has it all! Engagement, Low Prep, and FUN! The Lucky Leprechaun League is Hiring! Your students will try to answer as many task cards as they can correctly in order to get the jobs they want! Prep the materials and watch your classroom event unfold!

Classroom Events and transformations can be exhausting! Not this one! Set it up and kick back and watch your students (and Head Leprechauns) take control!


Last year, The Leprechaun League had a set back. One of their leprechauns got caught in a trap! They don’t want the same mistake to happen again. They are looking for some new members that are young and quick-thinking. They need to strengthen their Leprechaun League! Will you get a job at The Lucky Leprechaun League? We will see!


Answer as many questions as you can in the amount of time given. The team that answers the most questions gets to pick their job title first!

What’s Included and Steps to Take:

  • Title Slide: “The Leprechaun League’s Hiring Event” This slide is meant to be displayed on the projector during the event to build the excitement!
  • Teams: We think it is ideal to have groups with no more than 4 members. In our class of 32, we did 7 groups of 4. If the teams have less than 4 members, have some students double up on jobs.
  • Head Leprechaun Positions: We assigned 4 Head Leprechauns. (This is why we had 7 groups of 4 instead of 8) Each Head Leprechaun was in charge of 2 groups (In our case, 3 Head Leprechauns were in charge of 2 teams and 1 was in charge of 1 team). They check each group’s answers, collect tokens and read Cheat Sheet clues.
  • Time of Event: Choose an amount of time you would like to spend on the event. We chose 45 min. You want the time to be long enough so that students complete a majority of the cards, but not long enough to complete all of the cards.
  • Student Direction Page: Go over this page with students before you begin the event and clarify/ answer questions if needed.
  • The Lucky Leprechaun Classifieds: Post jobs, run a copy for each group or display on data projector. Students should choose the job they are working for with at least 2 back ups just in case they don’t get to pick first and their top choice is taken. These are the job titles students are working to earn.
  • Task Cards: Place each task card in a gift bag or envelope (something where students are forced to take them at random). and choose a “Home Base” for the cards where team members will take cards from and return the cards to. The task cards have questions from 4 categories: Math, Parts of Speech, Vocabulary and St. Patrick’s Day Trivia.
  • Numbers: Number the bags or envelopes with numbers #1-32. The numbers are so that students don’t pick up the same bag if they have to ditch a task card.
  • Head Leprechaun Contract: Pull your Head Leprechauns over to the side and go over the rules with them. Have them sign their contract. Go over the script ideas also during this time.
  • Top Secret Cover: Use these to place over the answer keys so that students cannot see answers when Head Leprechauns are checking the answers
  • Answer Keys: Place under the Top Secret covers (maybe on a clipboard). Give to each Head Leprechaun.
  • Peek at the Cheat Sheet Cover: Place this over the Cheat Sheet to keep eyes off! (again, we like the idea of using a clipboard)
  • Cheat Sheet: Let’s say it’s been a while since students have gone over a topic or a topic has not yet been covered. No worries! This cheat sheet has the definitions, examples or hints that students need to complete each task card. The Head Leprechaun will read the clue to the team when given the token.
  • Recording Sheet: Students mark their answers here. They bring them to the Head Leprechaun. Head Leprechauns mark J for correct answers. If the answer is wrong, the Head Leprechaun marks the number of the attempt (1st try=1/ 2nd try= 2). Students must ditch the task card if they miss the answer the 2nd time.
  • Ditch a Problem Token: Each team gets one of these tokens. If a team feels they cannot answer the question correctly, they can turn in their token to the Head Leprechaun. Students simply ditch the card and grab a new one.
  • Cheat Sheet Peek Token: If students need a hint or reminder for a card, they can turn this token in to the Head Leprechaun. The Head Leprechaun will then read them the clue for their task card.
  • Team Jobs: Give this to each team and have students pick a job. These jobs help the event run smoothly.
  • “Who’s Getting Hired?” Page: As students answer cards correctly, they color in the coin that matches the card. When time runs out, have students bring up this page. Count how many coins are colored in
  • Certificate of Employment: At the end of the event, all students get hired! This certificate makes it official!
  • Certificate of Promotion: Give this to the Head Leprechauns! They have been promoted!

At the end of the event, we like to award each team their certificate in the order that they ranked and have them choose their job title in front of the class. Have a tie and they want the same job title? Leprechaun Law states that a fair game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is the deciding factor. Have fun and make it a big deal! Also, be sure to congratulate the Head Leprechauns and have the class give them a cheer for their hard work!


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