Reading Strategies Mega Bundle


Our Reading Strategies Mega Bundle has everything you need to teach Reading Strategies from beginning to end at a great value! This is our best deal!

Reading Strategies are the key to comprehension. Teaching students reading strategies and having them practice using reading strategies will help students comprehend what they read more effectively.


Bundles Included:

  • Reading Strategies Lessons

We’ve all heard of reading strategies, but maybe you are not sure how important teaching reading strategies is or you have questions such as… What are reading strategies? Why do we teach reading strategies? Are reading strategies important? Are certain reading strategies more important than others? How should you teach reading strategies?

Well, we are here to tell you that reading strategies are very important. Struggling readers need to be taught reading strategies explicitly in order to become better readers. All reading strategies are important to teach because depending on the type of text and difficulty of the text, readers will choose a strategy to match.

This resource is a toolkit for you to help your struggling readers. We have created a resource that solves all your problems and covers the Reading Strategies in a quick and effective way. Your students will be Reading Strategies experts and better readers with this resource. Give it a try!

What’s Included?

Each of the following for Monitoring Comprehension, Making Connections, Questioning, Inferring, Synthesizing, Visualizing, and Determining Importance Reading Strategies:

    • Teacher Page with Tips and Explanation that provide you with the knowledge to take teaching Reading Strategies to the next level
    • Reading Strategies Foldables that students can use to show their knowledge of
      reading strategies when reading any book
    • Sentence Frames that are a great way to provide students with an easy way to start writing about Reading Strategies
    • Teacher Notes that provide you with the definitions of each Reading Strategy
    • Student Notes with the definitions and a way to practice each Reading Strategy. This is great for students to glue into their Interactive Notebooks for future reference! It is the perfect anchor chart for a mini-lesson for reader’s workshop.
    • Teacher Directions for Interactive Notebook Activities
    • Pictures of Sample Interactive Notebook Activities that provide your students with an artistic way to show their understanding of Reading Strategies.
    • Exit Tickets using Higher Level Questioning to help you assess students’ understanding of the Reading Strategies.
  • Reading Strategies Brochures

These Reading Strategy Brochures are the perfect way to have your students practice the Reading Strategies and improve comprehension. These Reading Strategy Brochures can be used for early finishers, independent practice, small groups, and so much more.

They can be used with any picture book or chapter book and are an easy “print and go” activity.

Each Brochure Includes:

    • The Reading Strategy meaning
    • Reading Strategy practice using picture books
    • Summarizing how each Reading Strategy helped the student as they read
    • Practice examples of how we use the Reading Strategy in the real world

You will love these brochures because:

    • They are a unique and engaging way for your students to practice using reading strategies
    • Your students will practice reading strategies using picture books
    • They are great for independent practice
    • Students connect how strategies are related to the real world
    • They are easy to use
    • They can be used with any picture book or chapter book
  • Reading Strategies Groups (Our BEST SELLING Resource)

This Strategy Groups Resource is perfect if you have students who struggle in a certain area when reading, and you are looking for a simple, yet effective way to help these students improve.

Strategy Groups are small, flexible groups where students come together and work on a common reading comprehension struggle. Students bring their independent reading book and the teacher uses our fabulous Reading Strategy Booklets included to model the reading strategy and allow the students to practice. Then the teacher sends the students off with the Strategy Bookmark to practice the strategy until mastery.

What’s Included:

  • Planning Forms- We include multiple options to fit your needs
  • Reading Strategy Booklets that give the definition of the strategy, sentence frames/questions, a how-to page, teacher model page, and a student practice page
  • Strategy Bookmarks for each strategy- This is given to students as they leave the strategy group. They use it to practice mastering the strategy.
  • A poster for each strategy
  • Good Readers Poster
  • Groups signs


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