Prepositions Brochures – Parts of Speech & Grammar Activities



Do you need an engaging way for your students to practice prepositions and prepositional phrases?

These prepositions and prepositional phrases brochures cover a variety of activities that students will love.

You will love the variety of activities and unique format that will have students begging to complete another brochure.

There are so many ways to use these brochures…from independent practice, homework, small groups, and so on.

The best part is that they are no-prep! Simply print and go…and watch your students master prepositions and prepositional phrases!

Here is what is included in the 3 brochures:

  • Scrambled Sentences-Unscramble and identify prepositions
  • Complete the Sentence-Add a preposition
  • Fill in the Blank-Choose the correct preposition
  • Matching-preposition to a prepositional phrase
  • Sort-on, at, in prepositional phrases
  • Maze-Follow the preposition
  • Identify Pictures- Preposition or Not?
  • Word Search- Match preposition to its opposite
  • Create a Sentence using a preposition
  • Circle and Underline-preposition and prepositional phrase
  • Collect and Display-Find prepositions in your surroundings
  • Preposition Maze-Circle the preposition and sort it into the correct category
  • Draw It –Draw the preposition
  • Find It-Look at a scene and write prepositions
  • Write the definition of prepositions and give examples
  • Color by Preposition
  • Quiz Time!

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