Multiplication Fact Practice Fluency MEGA Bundle

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This Multiplication Fact Fluency Bundle is your ultimate Multiplication Fact Toolbox with resources that are engaging and ready to use in your classroom TODAY!

Our Multiplication Fact Fluency Bundle has you covered.

You no longer have to hunt for Multiplication Fact activities!

Simply print and go!

This Multiplication Fact Fluency Bundle is the perfect way to have your students master their facts while saving 30%.

Here’s What’s Included:


36 brochures included with a variety of strategies and activities:

  • Fast Facts Practice
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Word Problems
  • Multiples Maze
  • Multiplication Equation Search(like a word search)
  • Number Lines
  • Equal Groups
  • Color by Number
  • Matching
  • Skip Counting
  • Arrays
  • Number Bonds
  • True or False?
  • Repeated Addition
  • Color Match the Product to the Correct Equation

This Multiplication Facts Bundle also includes one brochure for x1 for free. Perfect to quickly review the Identify Property.

3 Mixed Facts Practice Brochures x0-12


Multiplication Fact Fluency Interactive File Folder Activity

No need for fact fluency bulletin boards anymore! Who wants to display student progress for all to see? Students will benefit from being able to track their fluency progress in their own multiplication fact fluency folder!

  • Cover: Have students print their name at the top. Have them color each number as they pass that fact family or list the multiples inside of each number!
  • Inside Left: As students approach a fact family, have them make a list of facts they already have mastered and facts they still need to study. Be sure to have them use a pencil so they can erase and move as needed!
  • Inside Right: A Multiplication Fact Progress chart is perfect so that students can really see how many facts they need to learn. The visual makes it concrete for them rather than a huge daunting task. As they demonstrate their fact fluency, have them highlight the multiples. They will be amazed how quickly they narrow in on the last few facts!
  • Back: Students get to fill in their own “Multiplication Reference Sheet!” This is perfect for reference throughout the year! The best part: they won’t lose it because it’s glued to their file folder!

Multiplication Fact Fluency Strips

Every teacher is different and so is every student. Students need to demonstrate their fact fluency, so that’s why we created multiplication fluency strips!

Three versions of fluency strips provide easy differentiation! Set A places the fact family at the beginning, Set B has them all mixed up and Set C places them at the end!

Use 2 of the versions as practice and reserve the other for quizzing students! Grab a set a quiz them in line or around the classroom. You can also have students quiz each other!

Another reason to use fact fluency strips is when you notice that a particular student is struggling with their fluency practice sheets. If there is anxiety or they have spent an excessive amount of time doing one fact family, pull them over for a one-on-one quiz.

Cut them out, laminate, hole punch and stick on a ring!

Multiplication Fact Fluency Practice Sheets

Students need to demonstrate their fact fluency. Teachers need to know what students know! When students are handed a sheet with 100 facts and are asked to complete them in 5 minutes, it can create anxiety!

Give 50 facts and decide on a time (or don’t) that is right for your class. When they only have 50 to complete, it seems to be more manageable for them and if we are being honest, it’s less for us to grade!

Answer Keys are also included!

Grading? That brings us to the next AMAZING PART! These Multiplication Fact Fluency Practice Sheets allows teachers to cut out an answer key and lay them over the drills for quick grading! Tip: Laminate the keys for durability! Prep once and save HOURS of grading! Go home earlier and RELAX!

Multiplication Fact Fluency Practice Sheets Included:

  • Individual fact families 1-12
  • Mixed Facts 1-3
  • Mixed Facts 4-6
  • Mixed Facts 7-9
  • Mixed Facts 1-9
  • Mixed Facts 1-12

Time Saving Answer Keys Included for ALL!

Sheet Protector Practice Pages for Multiplication Fact Fluency

Students need to practice their facts more than just once in order to master them! Sheet Protector Practice Pages are perfect for centers or additional practice!

  • Practice #1: Multiplication Mat! Give students a fact and have them uncover what it really means to multiply! Students need more than just memorization! Give them multiple ways to practice! Erase and repeat!
  • Practice #2: Multiplication Boxes! Have students complete the fact family they need more help with mastering or all for a center idea! Erase and repeat!


These Strategies, Properties, and Tips Brochures are the perfect resource to help your students master multiplication.

This is the go-to resource for multiplication facts practice. No drill and kill here!

We are focused on helping students truly understand what multiplication is by providing them with a toolbox full of strategies, tips, and properties (rules) that they can draw from when needed.

Here is what is included:

11 Brochures in all:

3 brochures for each: Strategies, Properties, and Tips.

Brochure One- This brochure can be used to teach the concept or in a small group. It has an I DO/We Do/You Do component to scaffold the process. The cover flap is designed as a review of multiplication facts.

Brochure 2- This Practice Brochure includes scaffolded problems to completely open-ended problems. This structure guides students so they gain complete understanding and independence when practicing on their own.

Brochure 3- This Practice Brochure is a fun way to dive deeper into the concept and is perfect for independent work or a review.

Also included:

Bonus Brochures:

Parent Brochure: This brochure can be sent home for parents to refer to as they help their child with multiplication. This is the perfect at-home support and keeps parents in the loop with the concepts students are learning in class.

Multiplication Patterns: This brochure helps students discover and learn all about the different patterns in multiplication. It is a great way to build an even deeper understanding of multiplication.

The reasons you will love this Multiplication Facts resource:

  • Print and go
  • Covers multiplication strategies
  • Multiple brochures to provide ample opportunities for practice and mastery
  • Brochures that FOCUS on properties, strategies and tips
  • Fluency Bundle provides EVERYTHING you need to have your students master their facts
  • Easy for students to complete independently
  • A variety of ways to use…independent work, exit tickets, small groups, homework, and so much more!

The reasons your students will love this Multiplication Facts resource:

  • Eye-catching
  • A unique way to practice multiplication
  • Easy to use and understand
  • A variety of activities included to captivate and entertain students while still learning!


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