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You’ve always wanted to try doing Independent Reading Conferences in your classroom, but you don’t know where to start, or maybe you’ve tried doing Independent Reading Conferences and realized very quickly that you didn’t know what you were doing. We have all been there! We are here to help you!

We have done Independent Reading Conferences in our classroom for many years and we have perfected the craft of conferring with students and we want to share our 6 quick and easy steps to running Independent Reading Conferences with you! This sis the perfect Reading Workshop companion!


Reading Conference in 6 Simple Steps:

Step 1:

★Organize Your Conference Dates★

3 Versions Available to Meet Your Needs

Step 2:

★Students Choose a Standards-Based Conference Form and Collect Information as They Read!★

22 Versions Ready to Use With Any Book. Can you say differentiation, right?

Step 3:

★Conference Date!★

Students come with their materials ready and use the Conference Form to Guide the Conversation!

Step 4:

★Keep the Conference Going!★

Collect Data on the Teacher Conference Form and Use the 18 Standards-Based Questions Cards

Step 5:

★Collect Student Data!★

Organize all your data in one place! 3 Options Available: Individual Student Format or Whole Group Format

Step 6:

★Send Your Students Off With a Bonus!★

Award Students With Conference Brag Tags and Have Them Leave by Setting a Goal for Their Next Conference

This Resource has everything you need:

★Planning Forms for before and after you have conferences (you choose what works for you)

★Conference Tracking Documentation Forms: Individual Student Format and Whole Class to meet your needs

★22 Versions of Student Conference Forms that include genres, standards, and strategies. So many choices to meet each student’s needs.

★Teacher Conference Form to fill out during the conference. This one form works with all 22 Student Conference Forms. Talk about keeping it simple!

★18 Standards-Based Question Cards to keep the conference going

★Goal Setting Page and a Parent Booklet informing parents that the student read with the teacher and has set a new reading goal. You will love this Parent Communication Piece. Students will get their parents involved in their reading life! Score!

★Brag Tags to send you students away with after the conference. We keep these brag tags in a baseball sleeve, but you can put them on a necklace, a ring, or wherever you want!

★Plus, all the bonuses will help you keep yourself organized.

The Bonuses Include:

★Conference Folder Cover & Spine (2 Versions)

★Request a Conference Form

★”Request a Conference” Poster

★Request a Conference Reader’s Notebook Notes for Students

★”Today’s Conferences” Poster

★”Conference Materials” Poster

★3 Versions of the Bulletin Board Title: “Conference Corner”

This Resource truly has everything!

This resource is for you if:

★You want to create a reading community inside your classroom

★You want to truly know if your students are reading without making it a chore

★You like to talk to your students and learn about them

★You want your students to become better readers and set goals

★You want your students to leave your classroom with a lifelong love of reading


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