Guided Reading Passages: A Focus on Reading Strategies


Are you looking to have students MASTER Reading Strategies? Guided Reading Groups are your answer!

Guided Reading Groups are where the teacher pulls leveled reading groups to work on a standard. Passages are leveled to match the student’s instructional reading level.


The Purpose of this Resource

This resource is intended to be used after Reading Strategies have been taught. This resource trains students how to use Reading Strategies so that they become a natural part of the student’s reading process. Passages are leveled so that they can be given at an instructional level (not independent). Students access increasingly challenging texts and gain understanding and fluency with the teacher’s help. Teachers guide students, scaffold, and gradually promote independence through the text.

What’s Included:

7 Passages at 4 Different Reading Levels Totaling 28 Leveled Passages Ready-to-Use TODAY!

4 Fiction and 3 Nonfiction Texts

List of Each Passage’s Reading Level

Reading Response Sheets for Each Passage

Table of Contents for Ease of Prepping

Reading Strategy Groups Chart: Target the Strategies Each Child Needs Based On Your Observations

Answer Keys

Color and Blackline Versions Included!

Titles Include:


Dwarf Planets


Helen Keller


Unexpected Rain (All about a camping trip that gets rained out!)

A Misty Adventure (All about a family’s trip to Niagara Falls!)

The Mural (A student gets the opportunity to paint a mural at her school!)

Brian’s Trip to the Aquarium (All about sea creatures!)

How to Use this Resource:

  • Step 1: Group your students based on their reading level. Form groups no more than 8.
  • Step 2: Run copies of passages that match their reading level. (See Reading Levels of Passages page)
  • Step 3: Run copies of Reading Strategies Response Sheet. The same sheet can be used for all levels.
  • Step 4: Map out your week. One passage is perfect for one week of instruction!
  • Step 5: Pull Guided Reading Groups focusing on Before, During and After Reading Strategies.
  • Step 6: Make Observations

This Resource is for YOU If:

  • You want a class full of readers that aren’t struggling on the act of reading but are able to focus on the standards you are teaching
  • You want to challenge your students to read increasingly challenging texts
  • You want to have a rich dialogue with your students about their reading
  • You want Ready-to-Use materials at your fingertips
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