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A Growth Mindset is when someone believes that abilities like intelligence and talent can be developed through hard work and determination. A Fixed Mindset is when someone believes that they are born with a certain level of intelligence and talent, and no matter what they do, they can’t change it.

Growth Mindset should be embedded in all parts of the school day. Your students should always be vigilant of the way they think and that how they think can affect their learning. These Growth Mindset Brochures are key to that success.

These Growth Mindset Brochures will teach students exactly how Growth Mindset examples are all around them and within themselves every time they have a thought, a decision, a success, or a struggle. They have a choice about how they think and react. These Growth Mindset Brochures will help them document all of these things.

★★★There are 3 versions★★★

-Picture Book Version

Students define Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset. Then, they read 5 picture books, identify how the character changes from having a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset, and state what they learned from the character.

-My Growth Mindset This Week: Self-Reflection

Students take a look at themselves and focus on their own Growth Mindset. They choose a Growth Mindset quote and they identify people who are part of their Growth Mindset Support Team. Then they reflect on ways they challenged themselves during the week, their successes, their struggles, and what they learned.

-Making Growth Mindset Connections

This Brochure focuses on making connections to the world around the student. Students are on the hunt for examples of Growth Mindset in their surrounding world. They look for a person around them who models a Growth Mindset, a television show that has a Growth Mindset message, a song with a Growth Mindset message, a character in a book that they read that has a Growth Mindset, and then they make a self-reflection and decide on the connection that they feel “fits” them the best and how they are going to apply it to their life.

This resource is for you if:

-You want students who choose to use positive self-talk

-You want students who work hard and make no excuses

-You want students who look for a positive message when they are reading books

-You want students to see a positive message in everything around them

-You want students to Make Growth Mindset Connections to their own life and the world around them

-You want a quick and easy, yet meaningful way, to add teaching Growth Mindset in your classroom


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