Compound Sentences and Conjunctions Brochure Tri-fold



“This Compound Sentences and Conjunctions Brochure is the perfect way to help your students practice finding Compound Sentences and Conjunctions while they are reading picture books.

This easy print and go brochure has a simple format that the students understand and can complete independently.

It also helps students set the purpose for reading by getting them to look for Compound Sentences and Conjunctions Brochure as they read. They will walk away with 5 pictures books completed and a better understanding of Compound Sentences and Conjunction! Score!

Here’s what is the students will do in this incredible brochure:
-Write their own definition of Compound Sentences and Conjunctions
-How to choose the correct conjunction to combine sentences
-Refer to a list of “Questions to Consider” when thinking about Compound Sentences and Conjunctions
-Read 5 picture books and collect Compound Sentences from each book, and they will identify the nouns and verbs on both sides of the conjunction showing how they identified the Compound Sentence.

There are 2 versions of this brochure. 1 to complete when reading 5 picture books. The other to complete when reading 3 picture books and includes 2 other activities. Whatever works for your class!

This resource is for you if:
★teach the standards
★love to read picture books
★allow students to read picture books
★give your students a lot of opportunities to read
★want your students to think and have a goal in mind while reading
★like to do guided reading, small groups, or enrichment
★want to provide early finishers with content-rich activities
★love easy, low prep activities that your students can complete independently

A little about why we created this brochure and why we love to share it with amazing teachers like you!:
We don’t believe that every time you read, you need to do an activity, but sometimes our students need more ways to practice the standards we are working on. Our students read a lot, so we decided to create these brochures to give them that opportunity to practice while reading. Why not hit two birds with one stone, right?
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