Commas and Introductory Phrases



Looking for resources to help your students MASTER Commas and Introductory Phrases INCLUDING ASSESSMENT? Look no further! This is an amazing WEEK’S worth of lessons and practice using a fun SUPERHERO theme that students will LOVE!

Here’s what’s included:

•Teacher Version Lesson Notes with Practice: Definitions and examples to teach the standard with 10 practice problems

•Student Version Lesson Notes with Practice: Fill in the blank definitions and examples to learn the standard with 10 practice problems

•Interactive Notebook version of Student Notes

•Engaging Practice Page: Students look at sentences and decide if they need a comma. They sort the sentences onto Captain Comma or Captain No Comma’s cape. They love the cut and glue activity. An engaging activity page practicing the standard!

•Another Practice Page: Students look at 15 sentences. They insert commas where needed and then glue them into categories based on the type of introductory phrase. Students love the engaging theme!

•Sentence Frames/ Stems: 10 Frames/ Stems to use throughout the week!

•Student copy of Sentence Frames to use throughout the week

•Foldable for Interactive Notebooks

•2 Drawing Activities for Your Visual Learners

•4 Exit Tickets using Different Levels of Questioning

•Study Cards! Glue onto an index card and study for the assessment! A great School to Home Connection!


•Answer Keys

Suggested Lesson Plans for

Mastering Commas and Introductory Phrases in one week:

Day 1: Lesson Notes and Practice/ Pair Share Sentence Frames

Day 2: Foldable with “More Practice” page

Day 3: 1 Reader’s Notebook Activity and Sentence Frames

Day 4: 1 Reader’s Notebook Activity and Sentence Frames

Day 5: Assessment

*Sentence Frames should be spiraled throughout the year for continuous exposure to the standard

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