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Book Clubs can be a very overwhelming experience for both teachers and students. That’s why we are here to help! With our step-by-step guide and complete Book Club bundle, you will feel empowered and your students will be kept engaged! This is hands-down the BEST classroom activity of the year. When one round of Book Clubs are over, your students will beg for another and another. You will gladly agree because this Low Prep, Student Propelled activity is so easy to implement, you will wonder how you ever taught without it!!!!!


What’s Included?
•Schedule: Minute by Minute guideline for Book Club discussions
•Questions: a Menu board of 16 different questions students can answer
•Activities: 4 fun group activities to use with little/ no prep
•Organization Page: chart which students are in each group
•Note-Taking Page: Take notes on participation, etc. of each group
•Step-by-Step Guide to rolling out your book clubs
•Parent Letter: explains what book clubs are and the way they can help
•Ticket to Discussion Explanation for Parents that gives a tutorial for each part
•Bookmarks (2 choices… or front and back)
•Book Club Pledge Poster
•How to Talk in a Group Poster
•“We’re Finished, Now What?” Poster
•Book Club Sign-Ups: 5 choices…choose from 4-8 members for each book title
•Ticket to Discussion Explanation for the Teacher
•“Ticket to Discussion” Days 1-10+
•Blank Ticket to customize any way you would like
•Book Club Booklet: Double Sided Version for students 1-4
•Book Club Booklet: Single sided version for students 1-4
•Book Club Pages: Full page single sided version
•Optional Interactive Notebook Reflection page

Inside each booklet, students complete the following:
•Cover: Students write the title, create a cover (or try to duplicate the existing one), and write their group’s members
•Set Goals: Students write how many pages their book has, the amount of days they have to complete the book, and figure out how many pages they will read each day
•Reflection Page: Opportunity for students to reflect on their own participation and how well their group is working together
•Job Description page: Goes over what each person is responsible for and gives step by step directions.
•4 Jobs: These 4 jobs rotate through in a different pattern for each student. In a group of 4, they will each have a different job to complete each day. Need more than 4 to a group? No problem! Multiple versions are included.
What are the jobs? Students will get to be a part of the writing process!
“Editors” work with words… their job is to investigate meanings and explain them!
“Illustrators” work with pictures… their job is to capture the group’s favorite part!
“Publicists” work with marketing… their job is to choose a paragraph that others would find of interest and explain why!
“Translators” work with meaning… their job is to explain the meaning of figurative language the author uses!
•Evaluation Page: Students reflect and evaluate the book after they complete it in a fun and creative way!

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