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We hope that you are as excited about this new way to teach Author Study as we are!

We are using this Author Study Lapbook in our classroom and the students are absolutely LOVING it! We are loving it too, and here’s why…

1. The lapbook is a great tool for students to process information and collect their author’s data in. All of their information is stored in one place!

2. Because there are 36 different frames with different content in each one, there is a ton of opportunities for differentiation. You can tailor each lapbook to each students’ needs.

3. They look AMAZING! We are planning to use them at Open House! Talk about impressing parents!

This Author Study Lapbook has so many different possibilities that you can use them over and over again throughout the year! Students can use them whole class, small groups or individually. BEST OF ALL… ALL THAT YOU NEED IS ONE LAPBOOK PER STUDENT! THE WORK HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE FOR YOU! SIMPLY PRINT, COPY AND GO!

Here’s what’s included:

•36 Frames- each frame containing different content for students to collect on their author… examples include: biography information, timeline, themes, characters, connections, evaluations, and so much more!!!!

•6 Different Activities for the Back of the Lapbook

•Cover Template with Step by Step Instructions

•Column Dividers for Students to Choose from and Color to add that extra POP

•A Simple and Fun Rubric using Emojis

•Directions on Creating a Lapbook


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