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Empowering Multiplication Mastery Through Small Group Math Activities

Multiplication Brochures for Small Group Math Activities Freebie

Why Use Small Group Math Activities?

Multiplication Brochures for Small Group Math Activities

As teachers, we know that personalized attention often fosters accelerated learning. Using Multiplication Brochures within small group instruction has enhanced multiplication fluency in our classrooms and it will in yours too. By giving students individual attention, teachers can address specific challenges more effectively.

The Perfect Tool for Small Group Math Activities

Multiplication Small Group Math Activities

Multiplication Brochures are designed perfectly for small group instruction! 

Got a group of learners that are struggling with their 4's or 6’s? Pull a group and give them individualized attention! Point out the patterns and facilitate discussions that strengthen students’ understanding of multiplication.

Notice a group of students that are struggling with a specific multiplication strategy, such as number lines, arrays, repeated addition, etc...? Grab the brochure that has that strategy and have them practice! 

Look at what the brochure has to offer, duplicate it on whiteboards for modeling and guided practice and then have them demonstrate their understanding in the brochure!

Documenting Small Group Instruction FREEBIE!

Multiplication Brochures for Small Group Instruction

Interested in using Multiplication Brochures during small group math activities? Grab this FREEBIE and keep track of the additional supports you are providing!

Have you ever gone into a meeting to discuss a student's progress and struggled to recall everything that you do for them? This is always a struggle! 

This documentation is perfect for conferences and meeting regarding student performance. You are intervening, now you just need to keep track. Print this PDF and jot down the students that you pull for small groups. Never question how often you intervene for your students again!

Multiplication Brochures for Small Group Instruction Activities

Using Multiplication Brochures during your small group instruction makes differentiation easy for teachers and enjoyable for students. With so many brochures packed with practice and strategies, you will never have to hunt for materials again! Small group math activities cultivate a learning environment where students thrive!

Don't Own Multiplication Brochures? Why Not?

Multiplication Brochures for Small Group Math Activities

Looking for Other Ways to Implement Multiplication Brochures in Your Classroom?

We have 5 other options for you! Click one to learn more! There are also FREEBIES in each post that will help!


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