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Math Center Magic: Utilizing Multiplication Brochures in Multiplication Math Centers

Multiplication Brochures for Multiplication Math Centers

Math centers are a dynamic way to engage students in meaningful and differentiated learning experiences. Multiplication Brochures are perfectly designed for multiplication math centers! Multiplication Brochures reinforce multiplication strategies that you have already taught and expose them to more fact practice!

How to Use Multiplication Brochures for Multiplication Math Center Activities:
Multiplication Brochures for Multiplication Math Center Activities

Step 1:  

To get started, prep materials and have them displayed in your classroom. We start by copying a class set of each brochure. Students love the eye-catching display and can't wait to get started! Prep once and you're done! Parent and student volunteers are great for helping you prep!

Multiplication Brochures Tracker

Step 2:

Now it's time to prepare file folders for your students. We have created a cover, inspirational wording and tracking pages. There are 2 options for trackers!

  • Option 1:  If you want your students to progress through the brochures in a specific order, this tracker is for you!  One design has students progress in number order starting at 2 and ending at 12. The other design is in the following order: 10, 5, 11, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12.
  • Option 2: If you don't care which order your students complete the brochures, this option is for you!  The "Color by Brochure" is simply a chart with all the brochures listed. As students finish a brochure, they color the matching space!
Multiplication Brochures for Multiplication Math Centers

Step 3:

Teach your math center expectations and procedures to your students. Since each brochure follows the same format, we suggest doing a fact family together, so students have examples to reference. You can even post the fact family you do together on the wall next to your display.

Multiplication Brochures Tracker Freebie Perfect for Math Centers
Multiplication Brochure Tracker Freebie Perfect for Multiplication Math Centers

Step 4:  

Watch your students build fact fluency while being engaged during multiplication math centers! Students simply grab their file folders, snag the brochure they are working on and get to work!

Multiplication brochures are an effective tool for transforming multiplication math centers into dynamic hubs of learning. By embracing the self-paced and interactive nature of these resources, you can create an environment where students not only practice math facts, but also strengthen their understanding of multiplication.

Multiplication Brochures Running Low Freebie


If you have been using our Multiplication Brochures for a while, you might have had a moment when you thought you had enough brochures but ran out! Never again! Start using our "Running Low" slip! Print, laminate and place near the back of your stack. Train your students to hand these to you when they come up in the stack. Run copies and repeat! Never run out again.

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