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The Mini-Lesson in the Reading Workshop Model

The first component of the Reading Workshop Model is the Mini-Lesson. Mini-Lessons is where instruction begins! Check out our Mini-Lesson info and get ready to start implementing Mini-Lessons TODAY!

Reader's Workshop Mini-Lesson 101

What is a Mini-Lesson?

The mini-lesson is the direct instruction you provide your students. You introduce a strategy, skill, or behavior, and model using this concept through a read-aloud and think-aloud. Students are asked to share their findings and thoughts. Then students go and practice this concept with their own book during independent reading.

Why Mini-Lesson? 

Mini-lessons provide explicit and effective modeling of reading strategies, skills, or behaviors that help students become more component readers.

Where does a Mini-Lesson Happen?

Mini-lessons happen in the classroom. The whole class sits as a group.

When do Mini-Lessons Happen?

Mini-lessons are introduced at the beginning of workshop time. They should be short and to the point. They should last no longer than 10-15 minutes.

How do Mini-Lessons Happen?

Focus on students’ needs and your standards to drive instruction. As you start to pull small groups, have class discussions, and hold reading conferences, you will notice the needs of your students and plan future groups based on needs.

How to Implement Mini-Lessons Using the Reader's Workshop Model

Simple Steps to Implement Mini-Lessons TODAY!

A teaching model or idea always sounds great, but it is scary to give it a try! What does a lesson really look like? How do I plan for it? What materials will I use? Is there a sample lesson I can “see?” WE HAVE GOT YOU COVERED!

Reader's Workshop Mini-Lesson Editable Freebie!

Mini-Lesson Editable FREEBIE!

In this freebie, we have a sample mini-lesson planning page filled out for you to guide you through planning your own. We have included two types of planning pages. One type is printable for you to write on and the other is editable if you would like to type it. We have also included a Mini-Lesson Tracker that will help you see the mini-lessons that you have taught and it also provides a place for you to write notes and observations!

Want to grab these Editable Mini-Lesson Planning Pages? They are all available in our Growing Freebie Resource Library! If you’re already part of our newsletter, just enter the password. If you would like to become part of our newsletter, you can sign up on the same page!

What Mini-Lesson do I Teach First?

Start simple with teaching your students about CHARACTERS: Types of Characters, Analyzing Characters, Character Motivations, Character Change, etc. Grab our Character, Setting, Events Bundle that includes anchor chart style notes, practice, sentence frames, and writing ideas for each standard. This resource makes implementing mini-lessons a breeze and is the perfect place to start. Teaching Reading Strategies or Reading Skills? We have a bundle for that too!


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