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How to Review Reading Strategies Throughout Your Year for FREE!

There is simply not enough time in our day to do the lessons that we HAVE to get through in a day! How is it possible to review Reading Strategies throughout your year? What if we told you we have the solution for you… and it’s FREE?! Yep! We do! Keep reading to find out more!

Reading Strategies

Your students need a strong foundation in reading strategies! The reading strategies are questioning, inferencing, visualizing, monitoring comprehension, synthesizing, making connections and determining importance. At the beginning of the year, you need to teach each of these strategies explicitly so that your students know what you are referencing. Want to learn more about these strategies? Each strategy mentioned above has its own blog post! Click above and the link will take you there!

How to Review Reading Strategies

You are already doing a Read Aloud every day, right? (If you aren’t, then you NEED to check out this blog post!) Why not look ahead at your Read Aloud and plan out how you can embed reviewing reading strategies on a daily basis? After all, if reading strategies are what good readers do, we should be modeling this for our students!

We have a reading strategy planning sheet FREEBIE for you that will help you review reading strategies! This simple for will train you to naturally review reading strategies with every read aloud you do! At first, you will fill out the form ahead of time. After about 3 times, you won’t even need it anymore! It will just come natural to you (and your students)!

Download this FREEBIE by clicking the images above or HERE!

After using this Freebie for Reviewing Reading Strategies, come back and tell us about it! We’d love to hear how it went!



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