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Exciting Santa Sighting Writing Event!

We had an amazing time today getting into the Holiday Spirit! We just posted a fun and engaging product to our TPT store that we had a blast with! All the writing materials and bulletin board clipart/ lettering are included!
 The students got so creative and loved coming up with a new
Hideout for Santa!!
We discovered that the Paparazzi found Santa’s Workshop and published all about the location in their latest tabloid! Poor Santa had so many sightseers that he had to relocate!
Because we are studying setting, this writing prompt was perfect!

Students were able to discover just how important setting is!

At first, students kept wanting to draw the traditional Santa scene. They wanted elves, reindeer, etc… It took a while to get them to notice that all of those props are dependent on the North Pole’s setting! They were finally able to come up with a wetsuit for Santa, a submarine pulled by seahorses for his transportation, a sandcastle for his workshop, and fish for his helpers! You should have heard the discussions!

What holiday traditions do you have in your room? This is sure to be repeated year after year in ours!


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