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Day 8… What The Rigorous Owl Did In Their Reader’s Notebook Today!

 Hello! Welcome to Day 8!!! If you are just joining us, please follow along with these links:
It will make a lot more sense if you do!
 Here are our assignments for the day. Wednesdays are all about Craft & Structure and Integration of Knowledge & Ideas. In this unit, our focus is Themes Across Cultures. We have chosen to teach this with about 30 different Cinderella stories that the students are reading (and loving!). Since we focused on college yesterday, we focus n a career today. We will explain.
 Students started the morning by copying down their sentence frames . Wednesdays’ sentence frames are a little different, since these two domains are so specific. We focused on their Cinderella books for today. The first row was done together, or guided, the second row was done during Reader’s Workshop and the third row is for homework. Students will write what their main character would post to Facebook after their reading with another character making a comment on their Facebook page. For more detail on this focus, see: Day 3
 This is the back of our poetry form. See the front by clicking the link Day 3. The back of the poetry form is to spiral back to the elements of poetry that we have already taught. Students begin by identifying the theme, noticing figurative language and pulling out textual evidence, noticing poetry elements, and then, our favorite… writing a tribute poem! What is a tribute poem? I’m so glad you asked! Check out below.
 Here’s why WE LOVE TRIBUTE POEMS… To start off, check out those student examples!!!! Talk about amazing, right???!!! When students write tribute poems, they are mimicking the poet’s craft and style. They are picking up on their figurative language and all of the poetry elements that the poet used. Also, if you noticed the characters that the students chose to write on, they are straight from our book, Rise of the Guardians! These students FULLY comprehend what they read! Tribute poems can vary. Sometimes, I like to have them write an antonym poem as their tribute poem. They will write the complete opposite… For example, if a poem is about winter and snowflakes falling, the students will write about summer and the sun’s rays. Tribute poems can be tweaked to make them work for what you are teaching. Students just love creating their own, publishing them, and sharing them with the class!
 Here is our Career Form. In each unit, we focus on one career, since we are College and Career Ready. We try to pick a career that matches up to our book. Since we are reading Rise of the Guardians, and it is all about Jack Frost, we chose to feature doctors, because of the cold! A stretch… I know, but whatever! We usually just type in “Doctor Career Facts for Kids” into the search engine and pull up an article to share with the kids. Then, students fill in “A Day in the Life,” “An Illustration,” “Helpful Habits and Skills,” “Possible Character Traits,” “Possible Hobbies or Interests,” and  “My Thoughts.” In the “My Thoughts” box, students tell if the career is totally for them, somewhat for them, or not for them, and then explain. At the bottom, they list all of the possible careers that they are considering when they grow up. It is really fun to look at this page. You really get to know who your students are! Also, you can watch their list go from “Professional Soccer Player” to “Marine Biologist, Doctor, and Veterinarian!”
We ended our Language Arts Block by having students practice their root words for the unit.
This sums up Day 8!
We hope that you were able to take something useful with you today to use in your classroom.
We would love to hear any comments or questions you might have!! 
*All notes/ practice pages you see were made by us, and for the most part, are available in our store…



  • How much time does it take for you to fit all this in with your class? My students seem to take such a long time to complete tasks that I sometimes struggle to get it all in !!!
    Thanks for all of your sharing!

    • Everything listed in this post was completed in one Language Arts block of time (2 hours).


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