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Day 7… What The Rigorous Owl Did In Their Reader’s Notebook Today!

 Welcome to Day 7! Happy Tuesday! If you are just joining our Blog Series, please follow along from Day 1 with these links. Day 1 Interactive Reader’s Notebook  Day 2  Day 3  Day 4   Day 5 Day 6 I promise… it will make a lot more sense if you do! Let’s jump on in to our Tuesday!
Here is our coversheet with all of our assignments listed for the day. Tuesdays are our Language/Grammar days!
Here are our sentence frames for the day. Students start by copying these down first thing in the morning. The purpose of week 2 in our unit is to hit our Language focus: Conjunctions and Compound Sentences, but also to spiral back to everything that we have focused on so far in the domain of Language. The first row is to practice with our class book: Rise of the Guardians, the second row is for students to complete with their independent reading book during Reader’s Workshop, and the third row is for homework. You can see that we hit Conjunctions and Compound Sentences, Punctuating Dialogue, Progressive Tense VerbsCapitalization (which we have as a FREEBIE in our store) and Fragments. I try to always save the easier standards for home where there is less support than the classroom.
 I know that this College Focus is random, but at our school, each classroom has adopted a college. Every Tuesday, we wear our college t-shirts. We love the spirit that this creates at our school. We have college rallies that the students love. Each class has a cheer and the students just love it! We are the Arkansas Razorbacks! WOOOO-PIG-SOOOOIE! (My university was taken, so I went with my brother-in-law’s… I really picked it because their cheer was fun!!!!) Anyways, since we are wearing our college t-shirts on Tuesdays, we thought that we would get students thinking about college. We decided to pick some college vocabulary that we thought our students should know. You can see the words on my flag on the white pieces of paper. On our college focus day, the students pick a word they want to learn more about. We create a pennant in the center and then learn more about it in the boxes surrounding it. The students get all into this!!
We always start off by practicing our Language Focus one more time. We did a fun Interactive Notebook Foldable that practiced using each conjunction that we are studying.
 Here is our Language Form. This is similar to our Word Study Form from. The purpose of this form is to spiral back to all of the Language Standards that we have taught so far. This form has all of the standards on it, so you will see that there are some X’s. This simply means that we have not covered that standard yet. By the end of the year, students will be able to complete the entire form independently. The writing that is in blue is what I give the students. The writing that is in black is what is filled in by the students.
This is our Dictation Activity. The purpose of this is that we want to see if students can USE what we have taught. We create 4-6 sentences that review our Focusses. Each sentence has something in it that we are checking. We do not grade on spelling (except for our spelling words). We only grade the standard that we have taught… see the list in the top picture for specifics. Students fill in the paragraph on the bottom picture. We love this because students are USING what they are learning and we can see who still needs work on which standard!!!
This sums up Day 7!
We hope that you were able to take something useful with you today to use in your classroom.
We would love to hear any comments or questions you might have!! 
*All notes/ practice pages you see were made by us, and for the most part, are available in our store…
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