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Day 6… What The Rigorous Owl Did In Their Reader’s Notebook Today!

 Welcome to Day 6! Happy Monday!!!!!!!! If you are just looking at this post, you will want to check out Day 1 Interactive Reader’s Notebook  Day 2  Day 3  Day 4   Day 5
It will make a lot more sense if you follow along in order.
 Here are today’s assignments. The second week of a unit is to spiral the unit’s focus, but also to spiral what we have learned in that domain so far this year. Mondays are all about Vocabulary. Our unit’s focus is Prefixes (Prefix Resources ), but I am also spiraling what we have learned so far this year: Similies and Metaphors, Proverbs, Idioms, Synonyms and Antonyms. We HATE the idea of teaching it and leaving it. We try to reference back to past units’ focuses whenever we possibly can to keep it fresh in their minds. When we focus on only one domain each day, it is a lot easier to do this!!!!
 This morning, students copied down these sentence frames.
The sentence frames spiral everything that I mentioned above.

Here is how we reviewed our Unit’s Focus: Prefixes. Students wrote the meaning of the prefix under each flap. Them we colored similar meaning prefixes the same color to notice groupings and similarities. This also helps as they are studying!
Prefix Resources

 After Reader’s Workshop, students practiced their Root Words. Again, we use Got to Teach’s “Get to the Root of It. We love how easy she has made it for us! We cut out the practice from the worksheet and glue it into our Reader’s Notebook. We do one of these each day this week for practice.
 This is our Word Study and Vocabulary Form. This is stapled into the students’ Reading Contract. We love this because it spirals what we have learned and students practice all of the standards with each unit throughout the year, so that they MASTER them! We fill in the idiom, simile, metaphor, proverb, phrase, words for synonyms and words for antonyms off of the lists in our
Students then completed their Vocabulary Activity. Their Vocabulary Activity is based off of their Dictionary Dig that they did on Friday Day 5. This student chose to do five words instead of three! Oh ya! Above and Beyond! In the Vocabulary Activity this week, students wrote the word, used it in a sentence, listed a synonym and an antonym, and drew a picture.
This sums up Day 6!
We hope that you were able to take something useful with you today to use in your classroom.
We would love to hear any comments or questions you might have!!
*All notes/ practice pages you see were made by us, and for the most part, are available in our store…



  • Just curious… are all activities talked about in day 6 completed in a 90 minute reading block, and does that include independent reading for students as well? What part of the activities are done with students and what are they expected to do independently? I love this style and method of teaching you use, and I am just trying to get the hang of what to expect them to complete each day both independently and together. I am not sure my students could get all of the tasks finished. (vocabulary practice, root activity, and word study and vocab form). I would love to hear how you fit it all in and how you keep the students on task to complete tasks in a timely way!! Thank you for all of the knowledge you give!

    • Hello! Yes, the activities mentioned were completed in a 90 min block of time. This did not include their independent reading. We always start the assignments with the students and then let them work in groups or independently the rest of the time. Most are successful in completing the assignments in the time given. Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any more questions!


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