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Day 5… What the Rigorous Owl Did In Their Reader’s Notebook Today!

 Welcome to Day 5! It’s Friday!!!! Woooo-Hoooooo!!!!!!!!
We made it!
If you are just joining us, please check out
This will make a lot more sense if you start from Day 1!
Let’s get started!
 Here are our assignments from today!
Friday is our Review/ Extras Day!
 We started with students copying down their sentence frames. In the first box, we reviewed the concept of Character Change from yesterday’s lesson. On Fridays, we always like to try something fun and different for the students. Today, you will see, in the second and third boxes,that we did a Facebook Status Update from one of the characters in our books and a comment from another character. The students absolutely love this.
Anything with Facebook is a hit with them!

Next, we did a Character Change JOT to review Character Change. Students chose a book that they have finished reading and showed how the character was at the beginning of the story on the left and how the character ended up on the right. Students also stated the event that changed their character.

*For resources on this, click
 On Fridays, we do “Dictionary Digs.”
We go to our Mystery Word Collector
(See  Day 1 Interactive Reader’s Notebook Blog Post for explanation).
They choose the top three words that they would like to learn more about and write the definition.
On Monday, we will do more with these words, so stay tuned!
  Students also had a Journal prompt. I always type up their prompt and they glue it to the top of their page. This one was longer than most, but I think it’s a good one. Our Journals usually follow the genre of writing that we are teaching, but instead, I decided to go with a personal response this week. Normally, Journals need to be 3/4 writing and 1/4 illustration. This week, it will be different. We loved this prompt because it reviewed character traits, which is what we learned in a past unit. Anything that spirals back is a win for us!
We hope that you were able to take something useful with you today to use in your
We would love to hear any comments or questions you might have!!
Well, this sums up Week 1! Stay tuned next week for Week 2!
Have a great weekend!

*All notes/ practice pages you see
were made by us, and for the most part, are available in our


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