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Day 4… What The Rigorous Owl Did In Their Reader’s Notebook Today!

Welcome to Day 4! If you are just joining us, please see Day 1 Interactive Reader’s Notebook & Day 2  & Day 3
Here are our assignments today, so let’s just jump right in!
 This morning, students came in to copy down these sentence frames. The sentence frames in the first row reviewed a previously taught concept and introduced the concept for the day… Character Change! This was modeled with our class book Rise of the Guardians. Our second row was a bit different today since students are reading their Cinderella stories during Reader’s Workshop. The second row is working on our Integration of Knowledge and Ideas focus: Themes Across Cultures. The third row is for their reading at home… again, a review and lesson from today. sentence frames
 After Reader’s Workshop, students reviewed yesterday’s lesson with a quick JOT. In this JOT, they found the similar themes from two Cinderella books that they have read. All students have read three Cinderella books at this point. They loved it so much, they read two yesterday and one this morning. Students put the theme in the center. Then, on each side, they wrote down words that they saw in their book that showed the culture. Students had a hard time with this, so we let them work together with someone that read the same book. We talked about how we were looking for words that we do not normally use, or words that showed the setting.
 Since it is Thursday, we are all about the domain of Key Ideas and Details (our FAVORITE!) Today, we introduced the idea of Character Change. We started by filling in our notes and practice with a book that we had already read, since it wouldn’t work with the book that we are currently reading. Students need to read the entire book in  order to know how the character is at the end of the book. We discussed one of our favorite characters, Opal, from Because of Winn-Dixie. Then, students applied the concept to a book that they read last month in our Greek Mythology unit.
*All of these notes/ materials can be found in our Character Change Bundle We also have a new product that we will be using next week!! Character Change Task Cards
 Students then practiced noticing Character Change with our “APP”lication activity, Cookin’ Up Character Change. (Available for purchase separately Cookin’ Up Character Change or in our Character Change Bundle) Students read a passage on the recipe card, and then they filled in a graphic organizer. The bowl is character at the beginning, the stove is the event that changed the character, and the plate is the character at the end. They enjoyed it and it came out really cute!
So that’s it for Day 4! Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 5!!! We hope that you were able to take something useful with you today into your classroom. We would love to hear any comments or questions you might have!!
*All notes/ practice pages you see were made by us, and for the most part, are available in our store…


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