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Day 3… What The Rigorous Owl Did In Their Interactive Reader’s Notebook Today!

 Welcome to Day 3 of our series! If you are just joining us, please see Day 1 Interactive Reader’s Notebook & Day 2 blog post for more details. If you’re following along, welcome back! We hope you can get some good ideas today!
 Here is Day 3’s assignments. Wednesdays are all about Craft & Structure and Integration of Knowledge & Ideas. We merged these two domains into one, so in each unit, we are teaching one or the other… not both.
As you know, we start the morning off with students copying down their sentence frames. We always review yesterday’s lesson and briefly introduce the new lesson for today. We modeled with our class book, Rise of the Guardians, in the first row. Students then read 20-30 min independently during Reader’s Workshop to practice with the second row. The third row is for Homework… I usually put C C H, but it looks like I forgot today! I’m shocked that I wasn’t “reminded!”
After reading, we always do a quick JOT about yesterday’s lesson. This morning, we reviewed Conjunctions and discussed how conjunction “bridge” together two complete sentences. This anchor chart was awesome for students to visualize what happens when you use a conjunction. 
Next, we moved into our focus. In this unit, we are studying Themes Across Cultures. Last year, we had some money to spend on books, so we decided that we would get about 30 different Cinderella stories, each from a different culture. Students will be reading one Cinderella story each day. We started by reading our traditional Cinderella story so that they all have a common text to compare their Cinderella story to. They are LOVING it! We have also studied Native American legends and Greek Mythology this year, so we had a discussion why two very different cultures would both make up stories about how things came to be. We discussed how there is a common human need to know this! We had a great discussion! It is time like this that I am so glad that we have read one traditional literature book each month! For more details on what I mean by this, please see our  
In order to cover the standard of Poetry, Drama, and Prose, we made a form for each genre. We spiral them in our Reading Contracts. In this Reading Contract, we are focusing on Poetry. We always try to find a poem that relates to either our season or the story that we are reading in class. This time, we hit two birds with one stone! We found a poem on Jack Frost! This is just the front of the form. Students practice interpreting, connecting, evaluating and visualizing! Stay tuned next Wednesday for the back of the form!
We hope you enjoyed today’s blog post and we welcome any comments/ feedback/ questions you may have!
*All notes/ practice pages you see were made by us, and for the most part, are available in our store…


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