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DAY 2… What The Rigorous Owl Did Today in Their Reader’s Notebook

DAY 2!!!
  If you are following along with us, thanks for joining again! If you are just joining this post, please check out “Day 1 Interactive Reader’s Notebook” for more details!!!
 Here is our cover sheet from Day 2. Each student has a copy of this on the front of their Reader’s Contract and as we complete each assignment, we highlight it. This serves as a checklist to me and a reminder in case we fall behind. It is a great study habit for students to start also!
Tuesdays are our Language days. On Tuesdays, we teach our Language focus and review our Vocabulary focus. We started our Language Arts block out by having students copy down their sentence frames for the day. Notice that the sentence frames are purposeful! We reviewed prefixes and taught a very quick mini-lesson on our concept for the day… Compound Sentences. While students do this, we take roll/ lunch count/ etc… Then, we start by reading our class book, Rise of the Guardians, and modeling the sentence frames. Students then log in for 20-30 min to read their own Fantasy book and practice using the sentence frames with their books during Reader’s Workshop.
 After reading, we always review what we learned the day before with a quick JOT. Again, JOTs are a way to show the concept visually, and it also helps to make it fun for our artistic students! Our JOTs are like a mini anchor chart for students to refer back to. Today, we reviewed prefixes by choosing a prefix to write in the train and then attached different root words to make new words.
Since today is Tuesday, we spent the majority of our time on our Language focus, which is Conjunctions and Compound Sentences. We taught the mnemonic FANBOYS to help students memorize the Conjunctions. We filled in our notes and then practiced. Another activity that we did that is not shown here is we created examples and non-examples on our whiteboards. Students often think that just because the word “and” is in a sentence that it is a compound sentence. We made compound subject sentences and compound predicate sentences as non-examples. Students underlined the nouns once and the verbs twice to prove their answers. Because our Sentence Frames were on Compound Sentences this morning, we looked back at our Sentence Frames from our reading and decided if they were truly Compound Sentences. They worked in groups by passing their sentence frames to each other and having discussions about them. We had a lot of students changing them because they were either compound subjects or compound predicates. As you know, students often learn more from their mistakes! Because this is a new concept, it helps lower the affective filter, making it okay to make mistakes! After all of this, we did a fun “Conjunction Anchors Aweigh” practice page as independent practice. Students loved cutting out the anchors and gluing them into the correct sentences! 
Well, that sums up Day 2! Stay tuned to our blog tomorrow for Day 3! We would love to hear any comments you may have or questions! Thanks!
*All notes/ practice pages you see were made by us, and for the most part, are available in our store…


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