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Day 10… What The Rigorous Owl Did Today In Their Reader’s Notebooks!

 Hello! Welcome to Day 10 of our series! We made it!!!!
It’s Friday!!!!!!!!! Yaaaa-hoooo!!!!!
Well, if you are just joining this blog post, please be sure to check out the following links for more clarification: Day 1 Interactive Reader’s Notebook  Day 2  Day 3  Day 4   Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 and Day 9.
 Here are our assignments for Day 10. This Friday, we decided not to do sentence frames.
We just enjoyed reading for 20-30 min. Isn’t it nice just to do that sometimes?! Our students love it too! We finished reading Rise of the Guardians today. The kids absolutely loved it and gave it 5 stars out of 5 stars  with a standing ovation! I just love how they were like, “NOOOOOOO!!!!!” every time a chapter ended and begged to read another chapter. That’s why we do this, right?! I told them not to be too sad because they got to watch the movie too! I love comparing the book to the movie…. and they do too! Anyways, let’s get going…
 Here is something new to us this year. We created this Mentor Form, and we absolutely LOVE it!
It is a great review before testing! It allows students to review and to catch any final misunderstandings they may have about what we have been focusing on.
Students filled out the Mentor Form independently, and then they paired up and shared what they wrote. They had the option to change what they wrote based off of their discussion or to add to it. This activity is awesome!
 Today, students also wrote a Teacher Letter in their Reader’s Notebooks. Here is the template that they have glued into the front of their Reader’s Notebook to guide them when writing the Teacher Letter. Our requirements is that it must be a page long and have three paragraphs. When we grade Reader’s Notebooks, we LOVE to read these and comment back to them. The Teacher Letter really shows you a student’s understanding of the content. We will go over how we grade Reader’s Notebooks in a future blog post. Be sure to follow us so that you are notified when we do!!!! We have a ton of ideas that we are just waiting to share with you!!! Sorry, I kind of went off on a tangent there… I guess it is Friday….
Our last assignment today was “The Cream Filling” activity. At the beginning of this unit, students were given this form to complete. We shared the responses today.
This is a simple activity and you just have to do it! It is so cool to see what students write.
Well, this sums up Week 2 of our blog series.
We are going to shorten next week’s assignments into one blog post,
since it is all about writing and testing.
Stay tuned on Monday!



  • I loved this 10 day post. Please keep posting! I'm still trying to wrap my brain around all your great stuff and can't wait to read more! Thank you. I would also love to see your Reading Contracts in your tpt store.

    • Hi Sarah! We are so excited to see your comment! We are so new at this, we cannot wait to share more! We were just wondering if anyone was reading it! Ha Ha! We stopped after Day 10 because we are gearing up to go over what we do in Week 3. Our next blog posts will be on testing and goal setting. We are also working on getting the forms that we have in our reading contract in one bundle for you! Be sure to follow us, so that you will be notified when we post them! We hope to have them up in the next week. Thanks for your comment!!!

  • I love love this 10 days of posts! I cannot get enough. After reading and reading I think I finally have an idea of a way to incorporate a portion of this in my 3rd grade classroom! I apologize for all of my questions and posts, but I want to incorporate this greatness!! Please keep sharing. I have learned so much and you are amazing at what you do!
    Thank you!


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