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Colorful and FUN Writing Wall Idea!

We are so excited to show you our new writing wall!!!!!
One of us (okay, it was the brunette) got the idea from looking in a magazine! She saw some colorful clipboards on the wall of an office. She thought…. why not for our classroom??? I immediately fell in love with her idea and ordered enough for my class too!!! :)Anyways, if you love this as much as we do, 
So, back to our writing wall…
Our writing wall is used to post student writing samples. We have students generate a writing sample from one of the three genres (narrative, opinion, or research) once a month. During holidays, we feature a holiday inspired writing piece for about a week or so. After we are done displaying the writing sample, the piece goes into the student’s portfolio. So easy!
In the center of this board, you see a group of papers. They are: the genre, the prompt, steps for the genre, revise/edit guidelines, the rubric, and anchor charts for the genre.
We love our writing wall and the students are always so proud to display their work. How do you display your students’ writing?



  • I really love this idea and love the brightness! How do you hang the clipboards up? Love all your ideas!

    • These clipboards are actually put up with staples! They are very thin. Perfect for bulletin boards!


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