The KEY to Getting Your Students to LOVE Reading!

  • Tired of students who lack the motivation to read? 
  • Or students who moan and groan when you say it is time to read?
  • Or students who do not read outside of the classroom? 
  • Or even worse, students who don't read in class?
  • You are in luck! We know how to solve your problem!
  • We have found the key to getting every student in our class to love reading! They beg us to read and they surpass their reading goals every time! 
  • You can have the same success in your classroom! 

How can you have a class full of students who love to read?

The answer is our Reading Challenge. Our Reading Challenge takes independent reading to a whole other level! The  students like to read more, they become aware of how much they read, and it hold the students accountable.  Accountability is the key to success because it helps the students learn responsibility and they develop a routine. This routine then becomes a lifelong habit. #lifelongreadersinthemaking

This Reading Challenge Will Transform Your Class!

So you want students who love to read and who become lifelong readers?

Our Reading Challenge will transform your students into readers!

Students love a challenge and they will work hard to meet their reading goals when it is a whole class effort!

Your students will encourage each other more!

They will talk about reading more!

They will share about the books they've read!

They will be more motivated to read when they have a beautiful Instagram Style Lapbook to show off to their classmates, teacher, family, and principal! #readingpride

Reading becomes a lifestyle not just something they do in class!

Students love Social Media...

So why not use that to our Advantage

This Instagram Reading Challenge is going to transform your students into READERS!

You already know that the best way to get students to improve in all areas is through reading. We all want our students to read, read, and read some more. This Instagram Reading Challenge is going to motivate them and show them just how much they read! This is an amazing tracking system that students can reference all year long.

Here’s why this Reading Challenge #ROCKS:

What do students love more than anything? If you answered Social Media, you are correct!

This Instagram Reading Challenge allows students to Post, Like, Comment, Hashtag, Follow, become Followers, Share, Update Profile Pics, Create Sponsored Ads, and comment using Emojis.

If students reach their Reading Goal, they will even be invited to a #SelfieParty, complete with props!

Have we just spoken your students’ language, or what?! They are going to #LOVE this Instagram Reading Challenge!     (and so will you!)

Classroom Economy:

Instagram Style


★ a class that reads more books than any class you've ever had. A class that uses every spare moment to read. A class that gets so excited about sharing about books they've read or recommending books to a friend.

★ having parents who are so happy that their child is reading more.

★ a principal who is proud of the amount of reading students are doing and gettting to see how excited students are about reading.

★ a teacher who enjoys watching her class grow as readers.

You can be this teacher! All it takes is you! Take a jump and get started today. It is like no other Reading Challenge out there! 

★ Join us on our mission of turning every single one of our students into LIFELONG READERS! You won't regret it!

Here's What You Will Get

  • A Beautiful Instagram Profile Style Lapbook
  • Designed to track 40+ books plus

  • When students finish their book, they “Post” it to their Instagram page They evaluate their books by giving it a certain number of likes

  • Tons of Bonus Activities to do when the book is completed
  • #bookstoreadlist where they collect book recommendations
  • A bright and colorful Bulletin Board!
  • Photo Prop Props to use at #SelfieParty or when students meet their reading goals
  • Award for meeting Reading Goal
  • "Profile Pics" to use to recognize students who are passionate about reading, students who are rocking their reading goal, etc...

Michelle & Deserae'
Creators of:
Reading Challenge:
Instagram Style

We are Michelle & Deserae' the faces behind The Rigorous Owl. We have been teaching for a combined 29 years! We became Teacher-Authors to share what we've learned over the years. We have a passion for reading and have been very successful in getting our students to love reading and we want to share our knowledge and passion with you!

We love teaching and we love to help great teachers like you! We are so happy you are hanging out with us and we appreciate all you do as a teacher! 

Still Unsure? 

So you may think that your students already like to read and you have no issues with getting them to silent read. This may be true, but if you really asked yourself, I bet you could find areas where there could be improvement. We will help you!

Our motto is to "always grow and do better"...we know that our Reading Challenge will help you as a reading teacher and your students as readers. We can say this because it has changed us and the hundreds of students we've taught!

Take a chance and we know you will discover that this is the best $6.99 you've ever spent!

Last Chance to Grab this AMAZING Reading Challenge at only $6.99

  • Instagram Style Lapbook
  • Yearlong Tracking System
  • 10+ Bonus Activities for using after reading
  • Fun page to collect Book Recommendation
  • Props for photo Booth
  • Reading Goal party idea and award
  • "Profile Pic" pages for giving student recognition
  • A class of students who love to read
  • A class of students who love to share what they've read
  • A class ofstudents who become lifecong readers
  • Happy parents who see their child reading more & can help track their child's goals
  • A teacher who has to work less at getting students to read
  • A teacher who transforms lives and feels successful