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Back to School FREEBIES to Start Your Year Off Right!

Back to School Freebies

Anyone interested in some

Back to School Freebies?


Back to School can be such a stressful time,

so we are hear to help you out!

Check out the Back to School Freebies below!

Back to School Freebies

Freebie #1: All About the Teacher Scavenger Hunt

We all have some common goals in the first few days of school… having our students get to know us and teaching our students about their new classroom. Why not check off both of these goals with one activity! This is a 40 page Back to School FREEBIE that can be used with parents at Back to School Night, the day before school starts or on the first day of school! Your new students will get to know you and their new classroom while going on a Scavenger Hunt! Click the image below to grab it!

All About My Teacher Classroom Scavenger Hunt Back to School Freebie

Freebie #2: Classroom Numbers

Are you ready to label “All the Things?” Back to School time is all about organizing. The possibilities for this Back to School FREEBIE are endless! Label pencil boxes, book bins, desks, books, etc… while adding those pops of color around your classroom! Beautiful and functional… there’s a freebie you can’t live without! Click the image below to grab it!

Classroom Numbers Back to School Freebie

Freebie #3: Birthday Bulletin Board Display and FREE Birthday Gift Idea

Are you ready to buy a birthday gift for every student every single year? Heck no! We aren’t either! We would be broke! Use this Back to School FREEBIE to give your students a free gift while still recognizing them on their special day. Have the class sing them “Happy Birthday,” have them come up to the front of the room to be recognized, and gift them with a Homework Pass that they can use when their parents take them out that night! Click the image below to grab it!

Birthday Display Back to School Freebie

Freebie #4: Flexible Seating First Choice Seating Poster

Do you use Flexible Seating in your classroom? Have your students ever said, “Hey, that’s not fair! I wanted that seat!” We have the solution for you!!!! We have been a Flexible Seating classroom for many years now, and we can honestly say that we have never heard, “That’s not fair!” (when it comes to seating, that is). We put a student in charge of this job. Every day, the “host” moves down the arrow to the next batch of numbers and calls the groups out in order. It’s as simple as that! If you want to see it for yourself, we have a video with our class entering! The video is in a blog post titled, “Be a Boss at Flexible Seating.” Check it out by clicking HERE! Click the image below to grab this Back to School FREEBIE!

Flexible Seating First Choice Seating Poster Back to School FREEBIE!

Freebie #5: Teacher Poster

This “Back to School Freebie” is not just for Back to School. This teacher poster is a great reminder all year long. Print it out at the beginning of the year and place it somewhere that you will constantly see. Another idea is to print it out and put it in the teacher workroom or staff lounge! This reminder is what makes all the difference in the world to your students throughout the year! Click the image below to grab this freebie!Back to School Freebie Teacher Poster

Back to School Freebies

Back to School Resources from The Rigorous Owl

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5 Things to Do LESS of When Going Back to School

5 Tips for Back to School... Why LESS is MORE!

Back to School: Why LESS is MORE!

Going Back to School? It’s one of the most exciting, yet most stressful times of the year for teachers! There is so much to do! Where do you even start? We are here to give you some Back to School advice on what to do LESS of during these hectic first days of school!

Spend Less When Going Back to School

Spend Less

Problem: We’ve all been to Target, Michael’s, Walmart (or even a little late night Amazon browsing) and have made impulse purchases on something that was “really cute” or something that you “really needed.” Now, a month later into school, you are realizing that you really didn’t NEED it… you WANTED it. Often, these little items from the “Dollar Spot” turn to clutter and get thrown into a drawer never to be seen again.

Solution: Spend Less! Set a budget! Budgets are different for everyone. We have found that a manageable budget, for us, is $100. We NEVER spend more than $100 when going Back to School. Our budget really makes us prioritize our laundry list of supplies into what we NEED and what we WANT. Sit down and make this list and make it a goal to SPEND LESS this year!

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Work Less When Going Back to School

Work Less

Problem: Our plates are FULL! No, wait, our plates are OVERFLOWING with tasks to complete when going Back to School. You could spend weeks setting up your classroom and organizing. There is no way to ever be “done.”

Solution: Work Less. Sounds impossible, right? Here’s our advice. Ask for help! Make a list of everything that you have to get done to feel prepared for the first day of school. Now, sort out these tasks into two columns. Label one column “Things I Have to Do” and ” Things Others Can Do for Me.” Some examples of “Things I Have to Do” are: lesson planning, seating arrangements, organizing copies/ handouts for Back to School. Some examples of “Things Others Can Do for Me” are: passing out books, running copies, or cleaning. Now… who can help you? Family? Friends? Former Students? We guarantee there is someone ready to help you… just pay them in chocolate… or Starbucks! If you simply cannot find anyone to help you, get your “Things I Have to Do” list done and let the other side go. Plan it for another day. You are the only one who will really know that the bookshelf needs to be dusted!

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Plan Less When Going Back to School

Plan Less

Problem: You planned so many amazing, wonderful, fun activities for the first day of school that you rushed your students through them and tried to get it all done, but still had some activities left at the end of the day. You’re exhausted and so are your students. They left in chaos and then went home to tell their parents about the crazy day they had. YIKES!

Solution: Plan Less. Prioritize. List everything that you want to do on the first day of school. Look at your time blocks for your day. Plan one activity/ lesson for each time block. Now, make a list of smaller activities that you COULD do if you had some extra time. Remember, your students are coming into your classroom after being on summer break. They work at a slower pace than your students did at the end of last year. They will get less done. It’s better to have a calm environment on day one than a day full of chaos and being rushed. Let your students enjoy the day and leave feeling excited to come back!

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Talk Less When Going Back to School

Talk Less

Problem: As teachers, we have so many routines to go over and for some reason, we feel like we need to go over all of them on Day 1. We speed through all of our procedures and then on Day 2, none of our students remember a thing because they tuned us out after 10 min (if we’re lucky!). We leave at the end of the day hoarse and exhausted from talking all day.

Solution: Talk Less. Don’t talk just for the sake of talking. Got a long list of procedures to go over? Explain them as they come up and check them off your list. Students will remember them more when they are actually doing the routine rather than listening to how it’s done. Also, provide some downtime for students in your first days of school. Have some time where there is silence, some calming classical music, or time where students are doing the talking. Some examples are Silent Reading, writing, sharing about their summer or art! Find a way to talk less in your first days back to school.

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Procrastinate Less When Going Back to School

Procrastinate Less

Problem: Going back to school is so crazy that I don’t even remember what I did last year! I guess I have to start from scratch and figure it all out again this year!

Solution: Procrastinate Less. This is going to sound a little crazy, but here it goes anyways. Start planning for next year’s back to school season NOW! Yup! You read that right! As you are doing “all the things,” write them down. Make a list of what worked and things you would like to change. This way, you are not reinventing the wheel every year. File the list in a file labeled, “Back to School.” It’s as simple as that! Now, it’s sitting there waiting for you to be ULTRA prepared for next year’s hectic Back to School season!

FREEBIE ALERT! Grab these Back to School Teacher Planning Pages by Subscribing to our Newsletter!

FREEBIE ALERT! Grab these Back to School Teacher Planning Pages by Subscribing to our Newsletter!

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Back to School BOOT CAMP STYLE

1 2 3 4

This year, we decided to start our year off with a 4th Grade Boot Camp theme!
We always love a good theme and thought Boot Camp was the only way to go!

Here’s what the students walked into their first day!

We bought camo table cloth, dog tags, pencils, handkerchiefs, and sunglasses from Oriental Trading. As we were setting up our rooms, we felt like we were setting up for a party! It definitely changed our attitudes about the first day of school. When the students walked in, they felt like they were at a party! This was a great way to start our year off together!

Boot Camp FUN!

Our BOOT CAMP theme wouldn’t have been complete without a Ghillie Suit!

The students loved this!

The most important item that we purchased were the dog tags. These were key to our BOOT CAMP success! As we greeted our students out on the blacktop for the very first time, we handed each student a dog tag necklace. They put it on and we immediately had their attention! We had them walk to our room in BOOT CAMP style and the parents were blown away! Students were dying to know what was in store for them next! When we got into the classroom, we explained that they would be earning dog tags each day. As we taught each procedure, the students practiced them until they mastered it. As they mastered each procedure, we handed out their dog tag! Students loved the variety, color and images! Here’s what we loved… Students would wear their dog tag brag tags home and they would tell their parents all about our new classroom! When it came time for Back-to-School Night, the parents were already well informed about our room!

The icing on the cake was that our grade level was in charge of the first assembly of the year. For our assemblies, we decided to do an original 4th grade cadence. We got the idea from the cadence “Fired Up!” We found it on You Tube. We then took out most of the words and made them unique for our 4th grade classroom. Download our new version here!

The kids had a blast performing and the parents loved it!

Interested in trying out this BOOT CAMP theme with your students?
We have it available in our TPT store!

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