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6 Ways to Use Multiplication Brochures in Your Classroom

How to Implement Multiplication Brochures in the Classroom

Teachers are always on the hunt for the best multiplication fact practice. Many have found our Best-Selling Multiplication Brochures! One of our most frequently asked question is: "How do you implement Multiplication Brochures in the classroom?" We are so excited to answer this question by giving you 6 ways to use our Multiplication Brochures in the classroom along with tips and FREEBIES to help you out!

What are Multiplication Brochures?

Multiplication Brochures were created out of a need that we saw in our students that is common for students everywhere. Students struggle with their fact fluency and need strategies and multiple ways to practice their facts. Our Multiplication Math Brochure Bundle provides students with multiple ways to practice their multiplication facts in a unique and intriguing way that will spark interest in all students.

In the Multiplication Brochure Bundle, students practice with 37 brochures packed with multiplication strategies and activities to keep them engaged in their learning. Each fact family has 3 brochures along with 3 brochures practicing mixed facts.

Multiplication Brochures
Multiplication Brochures for Small Group Instruction Activities

Some of the multiplication strategies included in the brochures are:

  • Number Lines
  • Equal Groups
  • Arrays
  • Skip Counting
  • Number Bonds
  • Repeated Addition

Some of the activities included in the brochures are:

  • Fast Facts Practice
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Multiples Mazes
  • Multiplication Equation Searches
  • Color by Number
  • Matching
  • True or False
  • Word Problems

Our #1 Asked Question for Multiplication Brochures:

The #1 asked question that we get on Teachers Pay Teachers, Instagram, Facebook and in our newsletters is: How do you implement Multiplication Brochures in the classroom?

We are going to answer this question in detail and give you some freebies to use for the 6 different options! Let's get started!

Step #1:

The first question that a teacher needs to ask themselves is: How am I going to give my students the multiplication brochures? Here are some different ways that we have made them available to our students.

Multiplication Brochures
Multiplication Brochures Whole Class Instruction

You Have Options!

Option 1A: Prep all brochures and allow for student choice! Prep them, display them and teach students how you want them to keep track of the brochures.

Option 1B: Prep all brochures and have students progress in an order! Prep them, display them and teach students how you want them to progress through the brochures.


Option 2A: Teacher keeps brochures and the entire class works on a specific fact family for the week! The teacher makes all three brochures available to their students and has all three due at the end of one or two weeks.

Option 2B: Teacher keeps brochures and assigns the same brochure to the entire class. The teacher gives one or two days for students to complete the brochure and then collects the brochures.

Over the years, we have used all of these options! Each class is different and only the teacher knows what is best for their students. One year, you might have a group of students that can handle student choice and other years, you need to simplify and give more direction!

Step #2:

Now that you know how you are going to make the brochures available to your students, you need to ask HOW you are going to use them on a daily basis? What does that really look like in your classroom?

Multiplication Brochures
Here are six options for implementing Multiplication Brochures in the classroom:
  • Early Finisher Activities
  • Math Center Activities
  • Whole Class Direct Instruction
  • Small Group Math Activities
  • Extra Practice/ Homework
  • Substitute Teachers

Each one of these options deserves its own attention! Let's dive in deeper to each and grab some freebies to help you with each! Simply click on the buttons below to start exploring!

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Multiplication Brochures
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