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Back to School FREEBIES to Start Your Year Off Right!

Back to School Freebies

Anyone interested in some

Back to School Freebies?


Back to School can be such a stressful time,

so we are hear to help you out!

Check out the Back to School Freebies below!

Back to School Freebies

Freebie #1: All About the Teacher Scavenger Hunt

We all have some common goals in the first few days of school… having our students get to know us and teaching our students about their new classroom. Why not check off both of these goals with one activity! This is a 40 page Back to School FREEBIE that can be used with parents at Back to School Night, the day before school starts or on the first day of school! Your new students will get to know you and their new classroom while going on a Scavenger Hunt! Click the image below to grab it!

All About My Teacher Classroom Scavenger Hunt Back to School Freebie

Freebie #2: Classroom Numbers

Are you ready to label “All the Things?” Back to School time is all about organizing. The possibilities for this Back to School FREEBIE are endless! Label pencil boxes, book bins, desks, books, etc… while adding those pops of color around your classroom! Beautiful and functional… there’s a freebie you can’t live without! Click the image below to grab it!

Classroom Numbers Back to School Freebie

Freebie #3: Birthday Bulletin Board Display and FREE Birthday Gift Idea

Are you ready to buy a birthday gift for every student every single year? Heck no! We aren’t either! We would be broke! Use this Back to School FREEBIE to give your students a free gift while still recognizing them on their special day. Have the class sing them “Happy Birthday,” have them come up to the front of the room to be recognized, and gift them with a Homework Pass that they can use when their parents take them out that night! Click the image below to grab it!

Birthday Display Back to School Freebie

Freebie #4: Flexible Seating First Choice Seating Poster

Do you use Flexible Seating in your classroom? Have your students ever said, “Hey, that’s not fair! I wanted that seat!” We have the solution for you!!!! We have been a Flexible Seating classroom for many years now, and we can honestly say that we have never heard, “That’s not fair!” (when it comes to seating, that is). We put a student in charge of this job. Every day, the “host” moves down the arrow to the next batch of numbers and calls the groups out in order. It’s as simple as that! If you want to see it for yourself, we have a video with our class entering! The video is in a blog post titled, “Be a Boss at Flexible Seating.” Check it out by clicking HERE! Click the image below to grab this Back to School FREEBIE!

Flexible Seating First Choice Seating Poster Back to School FREEBIE!

Freebie #5: Teacher Poster

This “Back to School Freebie” is not just for Back to School. This teacher poster is a great reminder all year long. Print it out at the beginning of the year and place it somewhere that you will constantly see. Another idea is to print it out and put it in the teacher workroom or staff lounge! This reminder is what makes all the difference in the world to your students throughout the year! Click the image below to grab this freebie!Back to School Freebie Teacher Poster

Back to School Freebies

Back to School Resources from The Rigorous Owl

Click the Image Above or HERE to check out more engaging resources!

Did you download one of our Back to School Freebies?

We would love to hear which one you are looking forward to using the most!

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