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36 Ways for Students to Practice Multiplication Facts

The Struggle with Multiplication Facts

Third grade teachers everywhere are consumed with the thought of multiplication facts. Songs, chants, skip counting, pictures, flashcards, videos, the list goes on and on! What is the best way to have students master their multiplication facts? We try these different strategies with the hope that something will stick! Teachers also see some of their students “pass their 6’s” to only have them forget three weeks later! Uggghh!

Fourth grade teachers don’t have it any easier. How are we supposed to teach double digit multiplication and long division if our students still do not have their multiplication facts mastered? After sixteen years of teaching fourth grade, we decided that we needed to find a solution! We needed a way for our students to practice their multiplication facts without having it consume our day!

Multiplication Brochures

The Solution to Mastering Multiplication Facts

We know that our students love using brochures in the classroom. One teacher even said, “There is magic in the engagement of lifting a flap!” We couldn’t agree more! Students love “lifting the flap” to see what activity is next! Insert lightbulb moment here and you now see our Multiplication Brochures being used everywhere! These Multiplication Brochures are our BEST sellers for a reason!

Multiplication Brochures for Multiplication Facts

Multiplication Brochure Bundle

For each fact family, there are three brochures included. That’s a total of 33 Multiplication Brochures  for facts families 2-12! With the Multiplication Brochure Bundle, we also include 3 brochures covering mixed facts! That’s 36 Multiplication Brochures! Each Multiplication Brochure has various activities that allow students to master their multiplication facts in an engaging way. Check out some of the activities below!

  • Fast Facts Practice
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Word Problems
  • Multiples Maze
  • Multiplication Equation Search (like a word search)
  • Number Lines
  • Equal Groups
  • Color by Number
  • Matching
  • Skip Counting
  • Arrays
  • Number Bonds
  • True or False?
  • Repeated Addition
  • Color Match the Product to the Correct Equation

Want to know the best part? Not only are students getting a ton of exposure for each fact, they are also gaining a true understanding of what multiplication is! Students are able to visually see what is happening during multiplication! The number lines, arrays, skip counting, equal groups, repeated addition, and word problems are more than just rote memorization!

Multiplication Brochure Bundle for Multiplication Fact Mastery!

You Will LOVE Multiplication Brochures Because…

  • This is a print and go resource! Simply run the copies and you are set!
  • Each brochure covers multiplication strategies (not just memorization)!
  • Multiple brochures provide ample opportunities for practice and mastery!
  • The multiplication brochures follow the same format and are easy for students to complete independently!
  • There are a variety of ways to use the brochures…independent work, exit tickets, small groups, homework, and so much more!

Your Students Will LOVE Multiplication Brochures Because…

  • Brochures are eye-catching! They can’t wait to see what’s inside!
  • Each brochure offers a unique way to practice multiplication facts!
  • The brochures are easy to use and understand! They can grab them and get right to work!
  • There are a variety of activities included to captivate and entertain students while still learning!
Multiplication Brochure Bundle that help students with multiplication facts

KNOW Before You Buy!

If you are thinking that the Multiplication Brochure Bundle is perfect for you and your students, we want you to KNOW before you buy! We have created a FREEBIE just for you! Grab our 5’s Multiplication Brochure Bundle and try them out with your students today! There are three brochures filled with all of the activities listed above. We are confident that once you try them, you and your students will be HOOKED!

Multiplication Brochures to help students master their multiplication facts!

Have you tried our Multiplication Brochures? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I love the multiplication brochures! I can’t wait to give it a try with my struggling third graders.

  • This is SO fun! As a Title 1 Math Teacher, I’m always looking for resources to make math more fun and enjoyable. This would be great to have for my 3rd graders, and even 4th graders, to help them learn and practice their multiplication facts!

  • This looks very engaging and something my students who struggle with facts will enjoy. Thank you!

  • This looks like a great morning work option. I was going to use a facts drill sheet but this looks much more engaging.

  • This would be a great morning work option. I was going to give them fact drill sheets but I think they would like this better.

  • These multiplication brochures would be a great way for students to practice their skills!

    • Amazon! You can find them in our “Shop” section under “Brochures”

  • I just purchased your brochures and super excited to implement them this year! I would LOVE to hear how teachers are using them in the classroom. Homework, morning work, centers, everyone at their own pace with some sort of math facts system??? I am trying to wrap my brain around HOW to use these in the class. I do not see my kiddos choosing for themselves for practice…so I think it has to be more if me handing out to them. Who has gotten creative with these brochures and how are you using them? TIA!


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