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End of the Year Blog Hop Giveaway!

Welcome to the END OF THE YEAR!

End of the Year Blog Hop Giveaway

It’s the End of the Year! We are just as excited as you! To celebrate, we are hosting an End of the Year Blog Hop Giveaway! We are working with some amazing bloggers and TPT sellers to raffle off a $100 Gift Card to Target and the chance to win up to 9 End of the Year products to use in your classroom!

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Need Some End of the Year Activities?



Your End of the Year Experts

We absolutely love the End of the Year with our students! You’ve worked so hard all year and now it’s time to enjoy your students! End of the Year Activities are a great way to reflect on the year, spend time with friends and just to relax and enjoy each other!

lasting memories with your students

Check out some of the fun End of the Year Activities we do with our students!


    30 No Prep Activities   20 No Prep Technology Themed Activities

Our 30 No Prep End of the Year Activities are our number one top seller in our store! Here is some of our favorite feedback and the reasons why we believe it is our number one seller!

“This just made my life a whole lot easier!”

“Great resources for the end of the year… when my brain is fried!”

“The kids loved the activities and they lessened my STRESS!”

“Thank you for providing such a fun and meaningful resource for the end of last year. I will definitely be using this again this year!”

“I love that this has so much in one product! Thanks!”

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product! It saved my bacon the last two weeks of school. We need to get our grades completed 8 days before the end of the year, and I’m always scrambling to come up with engaging activities for the kids so we all don’t go bonkers. This was just the ticket. Thank you so much!”

We could keep going, but we think you get the picture! All of the images above are NO PREP and are a LIFESAVER for the end of your year!

No Tired Like End of the Year Teacher Tired

End of the Year for the Reading TeacherEnd of the Year Book Awards   End of the Year Reading Yearbook

Calling all Teachers that LOVE READING!

These End of the Year Activities are for YOU!

End of the Year Book Awards:  Your students have read A LOT of your books over the year… and some of them are worthy of an award! Students vote for which books will win an award. If the book wins, it earns a bookmark and a label that goes inside the cover of the book! The bookmarks are a great way to recommend books to students the next year! The discussions you will hear will amaze you!

End of the Year Reading Yearbook: Your students have met MANY friends over the year in the books they have read in your class! This Yearbook activity takes the characters from students’ books and puts them into a class of their very own. Students draw the character and list their name and book title. Students then complete the Reading Yearbook just like a regular Yearbook! THIS ACTIVITY ROCKS!

Here is some feedback that pretty much sums it up perfectly!

“I cannot say enough about this product…WOW! It was the perfect way to end our year of Reader’s Workshop. The students especially liked “Classroom of Characters” and “Reading Memories”. It gave everyone, including myself, the chance to be reflective and look at how far we have come. It led nicely into our goal setting. The application is incredible. Thanks for creating something that teachers and students can enjoy together!”

“Great way to end the year! The kids loved revisiting all the stories we have read throughout the year! Thank you!”

Love creating READERS in your classroom? You deserve a FREEBIE!

End of the Year FREEBIE

Don’t Forget about Math and Writing!
End of the Year Color by Number     End of the Year Stationary

End of the Year Color By Number: Want your room to feel and look like summer, while students are learning? These Summer Color by Math pages will help your walls POP and have students begging for more math! Here’s why we (and you will) love this product: The best part of this product is the fact that these pages are self-correcting! We had students coming up to us and telling us that we made a mistake in the product… BUT the mistake was on THEIR part!!! Since they couldn’t find the answer or their colors didn’t match their neighbor’s, they IMMEDIATELY caught their mistakes. This is PERFCT for immediate feedback! Best all, I could do all of my grading with a quick glance!

End of the Year Summer Themed Stationary: Want your room to look more like summer? Want your writing wall to POP? This stationary bundle is great for writing with summer in mind! Students love coloring the borders and clip art!

End of the Year is near


We are so excited to RAFFLE OFF our End of the Year Countdown to Summer Activities!

We love the end of the year and we know you do too! This Summer Countdown is just what you need to make the end of the year easy for you and fun for your students. Here, you have 26 days of fun, simple, cheap activities that will have your students looking forward to each day!

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End of the Year Memories    End of the Year Exciting

The way we make this fun and exciting is by hiding the day’s countdown activity card under a student’s chair. Each morning the students come to class and rush to check under their chair to see if the day’s activity card is underneath. The student with the card under their chair has hit the jackpot! Not only does that student get to announce the day’s countdown activity, but they also are in charge and get to hold the Countdown Basket which has the day’s supplies for the activity. So much fun! Everything is right here! We’ve done all the work for you so sit back and enjoy the end of your year!

Keep your students from bouncing off the walls

Send Your Kids Off to Summer with THIS!

End of the Year Send Off Activity Bundle

End of the Year Send Off Bundle: Want to leave a lasting impression on your students and have parents thanking you? This End of the Year Send Off Activity Bundle is just what you need. This is a great gift to give to your students at the End of the Year. They can complete it over the Summer or it can be used as time fillers at the End of the Year. This packet contains 20+ activities that are fun and hands-on while students are still learning.

This is a wonderful way to help prevent summer brain drain and helps keep students entertained! You can even use this packet as an incentive program and have students return it to you at the beginning of the new school year to earn a prize or high five!

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Poetry Smackdown FunARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE??????

Poetry Smackdown is a KNOCKOUT Classroom Event!

Get your students ready to step into the ring with their favorite poems and poets!

What is Poetry Smackdown?

If you know anything about The Rigorous Owl, you know that we love a good theme! We also love to put on, what we call, Classroom Events. So what is a Classroom Event? A Classroom Event uses an exciting theme that captivates students’ attention and ignites their passion for learning. Classroom Events take students out of their desks doing boring old worksheets and instead takes them onto the stage to experience content with a full understanding. Students are learning when they don’t even realize it. The event motivates students to not only understand a standard, but to master it.

The standard that we focused on was Poetry. In our class, we had already learned the elements of a poem, and now we were ready to dive deeper into how a poem should be read. The goal of Petry Smackdown was to show our students that Poetry is an art that is meant to be enjoyed. We wanted our students to take risks and have fun! This is when our idea for Poetry Smackdown was born.

What is Happening During Poetry Smackdown:

  • Memorizing multiple poems
  • Understanding a poem’s meaning
  • Reading with expression
  • Reading fluently
  • Public speaking
  • Listening
  • Team building
  • Evaluating
  • Encouraging
  • Learning how to be humble winners
  • Learning how to deal with losing
  • Realizing that Poetry ROCKS!

Steps to Creating a Poetry Smackdown

Poetry Smackdown Trading Cards for Bulletin Board

The first step to Poetry Smackdown is to create a bulletin board to track your participants. Think “March Madness.” To begin, we shuffled our student “trading cards” and created totally random competitors. Competitors were then  given the same poem and were given a week to memorize and master it for their performance. This was Round 1. At the end of the week, students got into the “ring” and battled it out. Once they were in the ring, students each took turns performing their poems and the class nominated a winner. After everyone performed their poems, we had a class discussion of what made for a good performance and what did not. The students that lost Round 1 then had the job of encouraging their “opponent” and preparing them for the next round.

Poetry Smackdown Bulletin Board and Props

Now, it was time for Round 2. Round 2 meant that all students received new poems and were paired up with new competitors. The competitors received the same poem and were given another week to memorize and master it. Each round looks the same, until you are left with your final competitors.

An Unexpected Surprise

When we first came up with the idea, a couple of red flags were raised and we weren’t quite sure how it would all pan out. We were a little nervous about how students would take the losing aspect of the event. Okay, are you ready for it???? Here’s what we didn’t expect week after week. Because we had the students who lost, root on their “opponent,” the entire vibe that we were afraid of was null and void. Students did not show any negative behaviors. Instead, we had the losing students ask for their “opponent’s” same poem in order to help them! We saw our students out on the playground practicing their poems and giving each other tips on how they could win the next round! Our teacher hearts were overflowing when we saw our students lifting each other up!

Who Participates in the Main Event?

Poetry Smackdown Main Event

The main event works best with anywhere from six to eight performers. Since we are a school with one hundred fourth graders and three fourth grade classes, we decided to have each class submit their top two performers to the Poetry Smackdown’s Main Event. This set us up for three rounds.

We wanted our Main Event to be a show, so we decided to have other students who did a good job with their poems, but didn’t make it to the main event, open our show with their favorite poem as “Honorable Mention” performers. Each class submitted around four students to open each round. In our minds, the more students participating in the Main Event, the better!

Other students who participated were our “Cornermen.” These “Cornermen” were students who stood out to us and truly uplifted others throughout the rounds. The “Cornermen” were given water bottles and towels and were up on stage with the Man Event qualifiers to encourage and root them on in their corners. This was absolutely hilarious to watch! They patted the performers’ foreheads before and after their performances and provided moral support. The “Cornermen” really added that sense of entertainment a show needs!

Let the Show Begin!

Poetry Smackdown Awards

Our main event was a little bit different from the other rounds. Each class had two students. These students were not given the same poems. They were each given their own. We were done eliminating students. In our minds, these students had been through enough rounds. They had both proven to be amazing! Now, they were competing for awards under different categories. We awarded Most Dramatic, Most Entertaining, Most Fluent, Best Overall, and so on. It was more entertaining to hear different poems during the Poetry Smackdown’s Main Event.

If you are looking for ways to improve and add to your Poetry Smackdown’s Main Event, you can’t go wrong with props! For our main event, we added an official Ringside Bell, two robes for the competitors, boxing gloves, microphones and MUSIC! We played Jock Jams- Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! We HIGHLY recommend using it in your Poetry Smackdown’s Main Event!!!!! The high energy music pumped up our students and set the stage! The music was playing as the students entered and also between rounds to add excitement!

After the Main Event

After the Main Event was over, the buzz did not stop! The teacher’s lounge was buzzing with:

“We will forever do this event!”

“Can you believe how good ____ was?!”

“Man, that was so much fun!”

“That was the best thing ever and it was so easy!”

“The kids had a blast… heck, I had a blast!”

Needless to say, it was a KNOCKOUT event! Our students had fun, we had fun, and best of all our students learned how fun poetry can be. This event is definitely worthy of assemblies, parent nights and is a show for whoever is in your audience!

Even after our Poetry Smackdown was over, students still asked if they could get new poems to practice on the playground. The event was over, but their love for poetry continued. Mission Accomplished! What more can a teacher ask for… am I right?!

Poetry Smackdown Materials

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