About Us

      Before becoming The Rigorous Owl, one of us had
a ton of ideas bursting at the seams, and the other was afraid to branch out
and try new and exciting strategies. One liked to play it safe, while the “Idea Queen” would jump right in without fully thinking things through.
were both coming
to work every day feeling that we were teaching on the surface level and
struggling to teach day to day. We were not fully prepared, and we knew the
standard was not being thoroughly taught. On top of that, our students were
bored and so were we. 

Have you been there? Done that? Tried
that? Sound familiar?
more and more we talked about our struggles, the more and more we decided that
we had had enough. We wanted to be teachers who covered the standards while
cutting out the resources that were full of frills, fluff, and superficial
learning. We didn’t want to just “get through” our day, we wanted to “own” our
day. We ditched our books and set out on the adventure of the Reader’s-Writer’s
Workshop. Here is where we fell in love with teaching.

we brainstormed a list of ideas of what we knew worked in our classrooms. We
created a formula for what students needed in order to be successful from the
first exposure to a standard to the assessment and then beyond. We
practiced it, tweaked it, mastered it, and perfected it for multiple years
before discovering ourselves as The Rigorous Owl.

all else, The Rigorous Owl gets excited when we are teaching through a theme.
We love to create a scene for our students to walk up to. From the moment our
students catch a glimpse of their classroom, they are excited to see what is in
store for them.  When we are having
fun, they are having fun…and we are confident that they are learning. We would
love for you to join us on our exciting journey and share in the excitement of
captivating your student’s love for learning by getting idea and teaching tools from our blog!

guide passionate educators who are determined to stand out from the crowd by
providing thorough, high quality, no prep lessons that will keep students
engaged and begging for more. Our goal is to help students love their learning
and in turn love you, their teacher.

Our names are Michelle and Deserae’. 
Here’s a little bit about each of us!
I have been teaching 4th grade for 13 years and 5th grade for 1 year. I’ve been married for 14 years and have 3 boys…ages 10, 7, and 3! They keep me very busy!
I have been teaching 4th grade for 12 years! I love it and wouldn’t want to ever change! I have been married for 9 years and have a three year old son! 
Some interests that we have in common:
The Outdoors!
Moms of Boys!

Some interests we DO NOT have in common…
Sports: Baseball (Dodgers) vs Soccer (LA Galaxy)
Treats: Sour/Gummy vs Chocolate
Colors: Green vs Teal
Music: Country vs Punk
Reading: Fiction vs Nonfiction/ Self Help/ Magazines
and of course, BLONDE vs brunette 🙂

Who we are at school:

  • Student Council Leaders: Here’s some of the things we’ve started!! Mascots, Murals, Spirit days, and College Flags
  • Running Club
  • Reader’s Notebook Fanatics
  • The “Go-To” for Reading Motivation

Who we are in our classroom:

  • Reading Fanatics
  • Roald Dahl Freaks
  • Lit Circle Geeks
  • Reading Challenge Cheerleaders
  • Goal Setters
  • Meaningful Engaging Scenario Facilitators
  • Creativity 
  • Fun!
We opened our Teachers Pay Teachers store in 2015 after much encouragement from other teachers who saw our engaging and creative classroom curriculum. It has been one of the best choices we’ve made! It is our true passion to create lifelong readers and a theme-based environment where students want to come each day and learn. Our store is a true representation of this passion. 
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