BE A BOSS at FLEXIBLE SEATING! Tips and Tricks to Make Your Year a Success… A 2 Part Series

The Rigorous Owl
 Welcome to the first post of a three part blog post series!
We are so excited to share our Flexible Seating classroom with you!
So, you’ve seen Flexible Seating and you want to try it, but it seems a bit overwhelming…. am I right? We felt the exact same way!
Hopefully, after looking through some of our tips, you will gain the
confidence and motivation to start it in your room!
We are telling you…
In this post, you will see our types of seating, how we enter our classroom, where students store their materials and how students are introduced to the idea of Flexible Seating!
The Rigorous Owl
 Here are the types of seating that we have available in our room. We did not start out with everything you see in the pictures here. We started small and continued to add more and more options. Some of our first seating options were: yoga balls at desks, a lowered kidney table with pillows, lap desks, and spare rolling chairs. These are all extremely low priced items.
Once our administrator saw what we were doing, we were given 4 wobble stools. These were a bit pricier, but your school might have funding for them or there is always Donors Choose. Our advice to you is to not let the fact that you don’t have the pricier items stop you! Start off simple and build over time. Later, we added in bean bags, bean bag chairs, cushioned crates, and our favorite… a couch!
The Rigorous Owl
 Here are some action shots of our students! All we think when we look at them working, is
We mean, COME ON… They look so comfortable!
The Rigorous Owl
 While you are looking at these pictures, you might be thinking to yourself,
“Where is all of their stuff? They don’t have a desk, so where is it?”
Great observation!
This took some time to figure out! We can’t wait to show you what we came up with!
…and by the way, we have to tell you that the fact that students do not have a desk is AMAZING! There are no more messy desks or the famous excuse of, “I left it at school in my desk!” For the desks that we did keep in the classroom, we turned the sides that open toward each other so that students cannot use them. The bonus is that I get to use the desks for added storage!
The Rigorous Owl
 Our students do not keep their backpacks in the room. Students empty their backpacks and keep them outside. This reduces the amount of clutter in your room and keeps you from tripping over bags all day. One day, we hope to have hooks mounted to the outside of our rooms, so that the backpacks can be kept off the ground… here’s to having goals, right?! The next thing you need to know is that we are an AVID school. All of our students have binders, which we think is IDEAL for the Flexible Seating classroom! Students keep all of their materials inside this binder. We think three inch binders are the perfect fit for our needs. In the binder, students have their pencil pouches with supplies, dividers for each subject and paper. The binders travel with the students and they use them for a flat surface to write on.
The Rigorous Owl
 Here is our Supply Station. The material baskets on the top shelf are community supplies. If students need supplies for the day, they are free to use and return. The pencil boxes on the second shelf are called their “Safety Deposit Boxes.” Here is where students keep spare, or back up materials, so that they are always prepared. THESE HAVE BEEN THE BEST ADDITION! On the bottom shelf, you see student book bins. Students keep books or items that we do not want leaving the classroom inside of them. This is also where we pass out supplies or papers if the students are not in the room.
The Rigorous Owl
Attendance in the Flexible Seating classroom isn’t as easy as when you have a desk for each student and you can just quickly see who isn’t there based on an empty seat! To avoid calling each student’s name every day, We have the students move their magnet as they enter the room. At the same time, your lunch count is also done for you. Simply count (or have a student count) how many need a lunch and note the magnets that are left at the top and you’re done! If you look at the picture to the right above, you can see that we have laminated a paper that says, “Absent” and “Lunch Count.” We have a student do this each morning and leave it on our roll book, ready to be marked! If a student is absent, we simply clip the day’s papers on the bottom of our board for them to grab first thing in the morning. A folder on the counter would serve the same function, but this way, it’s out of your way!
Our boards, as you can probably tell, are just cookie sheets!


Here is a video of our students entering our classroom.
One of our students is the “Host.” The host calls different groups of students in at a time. This solves the problem of students making a mad dash for the favorite seats and provides everyone a chance at getting first dibs. The arrow on the left hand side is on a clothes pin that gets moved down each day. No more arguing!
Super simple… and better yet, this sign is a FREEBIE in our store!
Click here to grab it for yourself!
First Choice Seating FREEBIE!
Sit Spots
Sit Spots have seriously been amazing
in our Flexible Seating Classroom!
Because students are spread all over the room, and sometimes tucked in corners, direct instruction can become problematic. Whenever we are teaching whole class, students bring their binders in their laps and sit on their Sit Spot. Each student is assigned a Sit Spot. This allows us to pair students up with ability based partners and we can even create groups based on the color of their Sit Spot. (We will go into this in a later blog post!) Sit Spots are the bright colorful dots in the picture above. They are Velcro, so they are perfect for carpets! We do what we need to do whole group, and then the students return to their work area.
Interested in Sit Spots? Click below to check them out! They even have a free sample that you can test out in your classroom!
Sit Spots
Click here to get this poster!

Here is what works for us in our rooms. This Flexible Seating Contract goes over our basic Flexible Seating rules. It is given to students and parents at the beginning of the year.  It definitely takes time for students to catch on, but once they get it, it works!If we are being honest, there were many moments of frustration and feelings of throwing in the towel, but we pushed through our difficulties and made adjustments when problems surfaced. We can honestly say that Flexible Seating has transformed the way we teach and the way our students learn. The feeling that Flexible Seating creates in your room is one that you MUST feel for yourself. The classroom changes from a stuffy and formal environment to a cozy, personal environment. It opens the flow for communication and conversations that we have never had in our rooms before. You seriously feel like a family and you get to know your students better than ever!

Not only will your students love Flexible Seating, but others will too! Here’s a few examples…
When students from other classes walk by our rooms when the door is open, we hear,
“Wow! That classroom looks fun!”
Parents’ reactions:
“I’ve never seen a classroom like this! Tell me about it!”
“My child told me they didn’t have a desk, but I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself!”
“My child loves your room!”

We hope that we have provided you with some tips and tools for you to use in your room!
We would love to hear any questions or comments that you have in the Comments below!
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